Effective Communication- How to succeed in corporate life

Effective Communication

How important is it for us that our point is well-understood and is not misinterpreted by the second person whom we are trying to communicate with? Whether we are at our workplace or at our home, at both the places it is equally important that our words have a say, and this would only happen if we communicate effectively. Just to tell, the most ineffective conversation is when the speaker wants to say something else, but the listener takes in something completely different and reacts accordingly. So, the most important thing, when you are talking to someone, is to make sure that the second person hears what actually you mean to convey!

An ideal conversation is a must between two people or a group of people, because where there is a communication gap, there is a problem. When you say something and perceived as something else on other side, there is an issue then!! Both the words which defines the very essence of what we want to communicate and the gesture with which we say it make a GREAT difference. Similarly, when you are the listener, you have to be more careful in that scenario. Being a good listener is also an uncommon quality that people generally don’t possess these days. It asks for the patience, a positive body gesture that yes you are paying heed to what the next person is saying.

In this text, I would discuss the conversation manners which are actually important at the workplace to create a positive impact.

We call a conversation meaningful if it is a two-way process. So, what is a two-way process in terms of communication?

A communication is said to be a two-way thing if you convey a message and it is well received at the other end and understood in the same way you intended to do it. Here the half job is done. The other half is completed when you become a good listener as well, and you hear the other person exactly the way you wanted him/her to hear you. This is where a two way communication is accomplished.

Effective communication is a very essential tool in an organization to make sure every process is going smoothly. As it helps in team work, when the communication is clear and thorough it helps in building trust, enhancing the official relations, decision making processes is improved and problem solving becomes easier.

One of the key features of an effective communication is when you talk to someone or a group of people it is very essential that you make an eye contact with them, since where you look while talking makes a lot of difference. It says many things, it defines your confidence. When you make an eye contact with your listeners it leaves a very good impact on them, and they hear you with more attentiveness. Yes this is a fact, when you make an eye contact it reflects your confidence level and may be in the point that you are trying to make. Talking with someone with shirking eyes gives them a feel that you yourself are not firm about what you are saying and then there’s no point making the other person believe the same thing, when you are not sure about it.

Next thing that matters is the body language. It is very necessary that you have a consistent body language throughout the conversation, no matter you agree with the second person or not, keep your point but remember not with a negative body language. Negative or inconsistent body language could include avoiding the eye contact, giving negative expressions, raising your voice, thumping your feet and many more! These things obviously leave a negative impact on not only the person you are communicating with, but may be others who are not even a part of the conversation, and just listening to the arguments being made, and may be they judge you on it .


So, I would end up with saying that an effective communication is very necessary among the employees in an organization for it to work smoothly, and communication gap is something that ruins even the smallest of the matters.

Talk softly, and make others follow you!! 🙂


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