EDITORIAL- the defining part of the newspaper


Newspaper is full of current information. There is a part in the newspaper in which its editor publishes their views on current issues whether local, national or international, this part os newspaper is known as ‘EDITORIAL PAGE’. There are sub parts of this section also like –
a)Letters to editors- When the readers send their views regarding the newspaper to the editors, this often is the best section to read of a editorial page. Some newspaper limits the word length of the letter to editor whereas some are flexible according to the readers concern.
b)Editorials Cartoon-Mainly on the political issues , providing a critique in a sarcastic way.
c)Columnists- Big personalities who provides their views or suggestions on a particular topic.
d)By Lined articles by newspaper staff itself mainly editors.
1)This page provoke a discussion among the public by providing them different prospective.
2) It also influence the administration and public officials
3)As mainly experts contribute in this page therefore editorials page provide us background of an event with the close analysis of it.
4)It also suggest a course of action regarding a particular issue.
Commendation- When a editorial appreciate a particular thing or action.
Information And Interpretation- This editorial first give the information to the readers then it deals with the interpretation part as well by the experts.
Entertainment- This editorial as name suggest entertain the readers by providing Humorous and Satirical content.
Argument And Persuasion- It provides argument to a particular course of action.

As newspaper are changing with the scenario so as their content as well , in the field of fashion editorials are being refer to ‘Photo-Editorials’ which deals with more of photographs to be visually appealing.
Language of the editorials should be lively and provocative with a clear message, should have memorable phrases which can catch the attraction of the readers. Editorials basically are not news, they are just views based on the facts. Writing for the editorials has been an art mastered by practice and by judicious use of words and language. There should be brevity, clarity, controversies and newsworthiness as well.

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