Digital Marketing-the ingredient for the e-commerce startups

Digital Marketing-the ingredient for the e-commerce startups

The world of marketing has experienced a dramatic turnaround with the inception of new digital tools thus paving in for the new era of digital marketing which has become imperative for everyone to practice so that they could sustain and thrive in this modern era of cut throat competition
Today marketing has become so impersonal, at the click of the button; you convey your ideas to thousands of people.
Now what exactly is digital marketing and how is it done? digital marketing kicks off with awareness , then comes the engagement , and ultimately captivation
We all are well versed with the social channels of marketing such as Face book, YouTube but there is something else as well which we call it the search engine optimisation, that every ecommerce company does to ensure better rankings of their site when we Google about any stuff
Search engine optimisation covers both on-page and off- page seo, on page seo comprises of Meta tags, titles and description, can modify your description using Google keyword planner
These are in fact different techniques of driving traffic , one of the most prominent and heavy traffic driver is creating back links to your website. These backlinks can be posted on various blogging sites and social media platforms
You can also undertake social bookmarking wherein you can actually post the links of your website on various social bookmarking sites such as tumblr
These are off page seo techniques, digital marketing is long story and you can never reach its crescendo as there are host of techniques of marketing your product and reaching out to millions of customers at one go
Digital marketing is a must in the revolutionized generation of today, e- commerce has opened the gates of plethora of opportunities, and to leverage on those you need to be equipped with the tenets of digital marketing

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