Companies these days are growing with a view point of CSR issues and also are making CSR an important key point for business decisions making. But in adopting CSR in all the business decision making involves many risk and also opens doors for new business opportunities.

Some risks that usually arise are as follows:

  • Risk of losing  top talents and investors
  • Cost of capital is increased
  • If the CSR campaign is not done properly it can defame and effect the brand value badly which may lead to fall of stock value also.

But as an old saying says every cloud has a silver lining so as there is risk involved there are also some opportunities that are involved like:

  • It can enhance the brand value.
  • It Contributes to the stability of the global market
  • It brings out customer loyalty & satisfaction
  • It Enhances job satisfaction among the employees
  • There is a scope for improving public relations
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