Are you a beginner and worry about the future? Planning for an interview? And need a CV? But, don’t know how to write or how to represent it? Finding CV a hard nut to crack??

If yes, then it’s time to take a deep breath. Allow your senses to relax! Here are some of the tips which might help you in dealing with all your knots.

Let’s, first understand what CV means!
“The resume focuses on you and the past. The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future. Tell the hiring professional what you can do to benefit the organization in the future. (12)”
― Joyce Lain Kennedy, Cover Letters for Dummies

The full form of CV is “CURRICULUM VITAE” also known as “resume”. Probably, the first CV was written by Leonardo Da Vinci five hundred years ago. Since then things have moved slightly on and now it’s essential to have a well presented professional CV.

CV is an outline of a person’s educational and professional history usually prepared for the job opportunities. Also, it gives an insight to any employer and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment.

CV is crucial because it gives a prospective to an employer such as:
– A snapshot of who you are.
– Information on the relevant skills and experience you have for a specific job.
– Information or relevant transferable skills you have when applying for a job in a different industry.
– Information on your past work experience.
– Information on any qualification training courses you have been on.
– An idea of your hobbies, past times and what you like to do in your leisure time.
– Personal contact details.

Till now we have understand what CV is and CV holds an important position while going for an interview. But, we are not the only one opting for the respective job; there are many more. So, what is the perfect technique to trick everyone and get a job? Is it good looks? Or may be good communicating skill? If not, then may be its etiquette? Up to some extent each and every point mention above place an important position during interview; but one and the foremost thing which come into consideration is your CV. Nobody can even underestimate how important it is to have a good resume. Resume is like presenting your personality in front of someone who doesn’t have any idea about who is you, what your family background is or where you come from. First impression count, and first impression that a potential employer will have you, is going to depend on how you present your resume. This going to be your one and only chance to capture a potential employer’s attention, or for your resume to be tossed into the file of those they don’t want to pursue.

But, yet confuse what a good resume hold?

Let’s have an eye on the information which CV should include:

45% – previous related work experience
35% – qualification and skills
25% – easy to read
16% – spelling and grammar
9%- intangible individuality/ desire to succeed
3% – clear objective
2%- keywords added
1%- contact information
1%- personal experience
1% – computer skills

Personal details- these would be your name, date of birth, telephone number, and email.
Education and qualification – degree subject and university. Mention grades with it.
Work experience – be cautious while writing work experience :
1. Use action words such as developed, planned and organized.
2. Even work in a shop, bar or restaurant will involve working in a team, providing quality service to customers, dealing tactfully with complaints.
3. Try to relate the skills to the job.
• Interest and achievements – keep this section short and to the point. Bullets can be used to separate interest.
Skills – usual skills that one mention is the languages and computing skills. If you are mature candidate or have lots of relevant skills to offer, a skill based CV my work.
Last but not the least, many of us is confused how long the CV should be? There are no absolute rules but in general, a new graduate’s CV should cover no more than two sides of A4 paper. Henceforth, be concise, positive, honest, and most important whenever you are posting your CV never fold it.

Remember the world is very competitive, either become the ruler or be the victim!!

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