Competencies of Human Resource Manager

Competencies of Human Resource Manager

Competencies of Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers in modern organisation or in dynamic environment have to play multiples roles while managing the human resource . for instance , HR manager in a company has to act as decision maker , organizer, leader , counsellor , change facilitator , etc . For the effective performance of such roles he requires a number of competencies .

We can define competencies as demonstrable characteristics of a manger that enable his successful performance. In practice , the term competency is used anonymously with the knowledge , skills , caliber , qualities or an executive needs to do his effectively

HENRI FAYOL put the qualities required by managers into the following categories  :

  • Physical – health , vigour , etc.
  • Mental – ability to understand and learn , judgement , mental vigour and adaptability etc.
  • Moral – energy , firmness , willingness to accept roles , initiative , loyalty , tact etc.
  • Educational – general acquaintance with matters not belonging excursively to the functions performed .
  • Technical – peculiar to functions etc
  • Experience – arising from the work .

The human resource manager should possess all the above qualities for the effective performance of HR functions.however , besides the above qualities HR manger are supposed to posses specific competencies to assume a broader role in corporate strategy.

Human Resource Competency Model (HRCD)   have classified HR competencies into four categories as follows :

  1. Business Mastery : HR professionals require to know about its organisation thoroughly and must be aware about its economic and financial capabilities so that they can join the team of top corporate managers in order to develop the strategic direction & formulate strategies to be aligned with corporate strategies .
  2. HR Mastery : HR managers are expected to be experts in behavioral science . in ares such as staffing , training , compensation , appraisal , team building , HR managers should develop competencies to contribute to the estimated goals .
  3. Change Mastery : HR managers have to be able to manage change processes so that HR activities are effectively integrated with business needs of enterprise . this involves interpersonal and problem solving skills , as well as nominatives and creativity.
  4. Personal Credibility : HR mangers must establish personal credibility in the eyes of their supervisors , peers and juniors . credibility and trust are earned by developing personal relationships with them , by demonstrating the values of firm , by being fair in dealing with others etc.

The above competencies given by HENRY FAYOL must have  in  every manager not only HR mangers . these are basic requirement of every professional job . HR mangers really expected to gain competencies proposed by HRCD  to build up their best career and long term growth of a company.

I feel, Apart from these competencies, person who engages in a job must be a dynamic personality . it`s a very key point to get any competencies .

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