Chess: The Game of My Immune System

Chess The Game of My Immune System

Let us play a game of chess.

The Whites : My Immune System , The Blacks : The Invaders (microbes, dust, allergens, viruses)

Choose the Team :
WHITES (code : W)
Pawns      : First Line of Defense (Anatomical, Physiological, Phagocytic and Inflammatory Barriers)
Knights   : Acquired Immunity (Active (vaccination), Passive (natural serum transplant))
Bishops   : Inherent Immunity ( Macrophages, Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Mast Cells, Dendritic Cells, Natural Killer Cells)
Rooks      : Adaptive Immunity (T-Helper, T-Cytotoxic)
Queen      : Antibodies (B-Cells)
King         : Ourself

BLACKS (code : B)
The Invaders

1. The W-Pawns move ahead.

(Skin protects our inner areas from microbial invasion. Mucus destroys most of the microbes, along with eyes that wash them out in tears, and sweat that destroys them by creating an unsuitable environment to live. Fever and Inflammation provide back-up options along with white blood cells that live on skin as coast guards)

2. B’s somehow kill W-Pawns.

3. W-Knights come to action with their 2.5 moves ahead.

(Antibodies injected via the vaccines kill the microbes. A second exposure to microbes creates our own antibodies to kill them.)
4.B’s are stubborn and somehow kill the Knights.

5.W-Bishops come for the rescue

( The hungry-to-kill macrophages and natural killer cells send the first wave of missiles that destroy the black defense. The Myeloid trio (neutrophils, eosinophils, dendritic cells) form an alliance with them to create a magnificent line of aggression)

6.Some B’s become strong enough to breach W’s Bishops and proceed ahead.

7.The long-standing W-Rooks become active and start their own battle.

(Their watch towers are capable enough to assess their enemy, train soldiers that are the most effective against them and let them march ahead.While T-cytotoxic cells act as natural assassins and start their battle with intention to kill or get killed, T-helpers are cleverer enough to ask help at correct time from the Queen’s guards.)

8.The most powerful forces of B’s (viruses and few microbes) are able to defeat the Rooks and march ahead to face the Queen.

9. The Queen gathers its most powerful guards (antibodies) who are already well-informed about the incoming threat and orders a full-throttled counter-offensive.

(The antibodies ( from B-Cells) recognize the microbe, gets stuck to it, and destroys it with full potential).

10. Only when the Queen’s guards get defeated that the King might face the danger of complete destruction (death).


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