A Representative Case of the Influencer Relations

A Representative Case of the Influencer Relations

Following is a quick case on the use of Social CRM tools for the influencer particularly to outreach. In this case the primary challenge was assembling a cross section of influencers from a very large and distributed set of individuals who are influencers of relatively small numbers of people. It’s a great example of the “influencers” challenge described previously.
As a B2B virtual phone services company, Grasshopper’s motivation in adopting a Social CRM program for its business grew out of its need to understand and internalize the influencer process and customer renewal cycle. Strong believers in social media who do not have any agencies thereby and they’re not focused on pumping out press releases. Instead, they’re focused on building relationships with influencers. Pay it forward, right? This includes traditional media small business stalwarts such as Inc. Magazine and Business Week, along with high influence blogs such as Tech Crunch and niche bloggers in both the mid and long tail that are focused on entrepreneurship and business (hardware) communications.
Grasshopper’s marketing strategy depends heavily for intelligence on its Social CRM program.

Jonathan routinely engages with people on Twitter and other brand outposts where they talk about Grasshopper, entrepreneurship, and similarly related topics. Based on the content of these conversations, Grasshopper’s Social CRM program connects people who are looking for information with those who have it: the firm’s brand evangelists.
Having looked at a number of platforms, Jonathan concluded that most important to him was a Social CRM tool set that fit the workflow of a marketer, and one that automated the capture of the conversational information. His starting point in influencer discovery is typically a blog post, a tweet, or a forum post, which he finds based on specific key words that appear in the conversations. From that starting point, Jonathan needs to turn this raw data the conversations and possible contact links into an actual contact. Buzz Stream, the tool Jonathan uses, manages the process for him, automatically bringing back the information that he scans before creating an actual contact. Once done, supporting metrics and outreach tracking built into the platform complete the picture.

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