Can Doctors be effective Managers?

Can Doctors be effective Managers

Surgeons must be very careful

When they take the knife!

Underneath their fine incisions

Stirs the Culprit — Life!

In these words of Emily Dickinson shines the fact that doctors in general are capable of handling anything, be it the human life or the human himself.


But the question that arises is – Can doctors be effective managers? A questions few ponder over! The answer lies in the core of medical history. When hasn’t a doctor been the director and the protagonist! They are trusted with the most precious thing of all, life! This proves the mental ability, emotional stability and intellectual approach of the professionals. Doctors are taught to be the guiding light and to trust their instincts, a virtue most sought after in managers. Expanding their horizons and exploring new areas are the common factors in managers and doctors, apart from the basic of leading people towards success. Their subordinates look upon them for inspiration, guidance and motivation. Their noble work earns them the respect and wisdom that requires ages to build thus making them the most viable candidates for managing a group of people.


What we tend to miss is the fact that doctors are human too. And to err is human. Mistakes happen and wrong decisions are taken that cost the entire team. The asset becomes the liability. But we should not forget that these trifles should not reflect upon the capabilities of the doctor as an individual. With the vast experiences and the tricky situations at hand, doctors tend to develop a breakthrough even at times of a breakdown. They learn to handle the lives and the minds of people, a phenomenon requisite for being an effective manager.


We must never forget that you can pay for the treatment, but you will always be in debt for the way you were treated. Each individual is important and the team spirit residing in the heart of every doctor is incomparable. Who can value such impeccable morale more than a manager?

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