The healing touch.

The healing touch.

Those hands which taught us to walk, those caring hearts and warm feelings, people who are always ready to shower us with immense love and affection…this is what describes our parents and grand parents! Yes, they make us the person we are to a great extent but sadly when we grow up, we have no time for those to whom we mean everything. All they want is our love and time, isn’t it? I know, not all of us are like that but still a lot of people in today’s changing times have become so cold hearted and selfish that they often see the same people who helped them reach where they are as an interference to their privacy. This is indeed a sad thing.

What propelled me to write this article was a recent incidence where I was nearly surprised to see how a young couple were treating their parents with so much of indifference without realizing how much it hurt them. When you look at their aged faces with hope in their eyes, to be around their kids in the last phase of their lives, you can actually feel their distress. How can our parents who give their everything for our happiness ever feel like a burden to us?

It’s such a pain to see old people living in old age homes and some even abandoned on the roads because their own children have no place for them in their house, in their hearts! I feel it’s not their weak bones that make them that weak but the unacceptance of their own loved ones that makes them more weak.

To others who aren’t as cruel but still forget that how much our parents and grand parents need us, just a little reminder that don’t forget that if we’re growing up, our parents are growing old too. Make sure that you make them feel loved and remembered. Keep them updated about your life even if you’re distant from them because of work or other reasons. Just simple things like sharing little incidents from your daily routine to hugging them and going out with them whenever you’re free can go a long way in reassuring them that you’re there with them. It gives them mental satisfaction that no matter how tough life gets as they age, their own children will be around. They go through emotional changes too and sharing feelings with you can make them feel light and happy.

So, give your parents and grand parents that healing touch they need in their lives, make them feel loved. After all you are their most treasured possession. 😀

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