Are You Creative ?

Are You Creative

Am I creative ? As we ask ourselves this question we will realize that this is perhaps the best exercise we could have to rejuvenate our energies. Yes, everyone of us is creative. ” It comes with the territory of being a human being “. Whether one labels us as creative or not, we have the urge and need to be creative. And we certainly are not talking of creating a flying machine or an atom bomb, the reference here is to simple everyday Creativity that involves novelty, fun, and happiness.


Fundamentally, creativity is an aesthetic concept, an idea that can be seen, heard and felt.Β It is the spark of imagination. As to remind, it was the creativity inside the Spanish artist Picasso that made him remove the seat of his bicycle, and place the handlebars above it and call it ‘the bull’s head’ . It appears very simple but in reality, it is not. It is only a great stroke of imagination that could have achieved something beyond excellence .

For instance, if we recall how as children we often used to look at clouds, imagining them as strange faces, the tree barks and mountains resembling human forms etc. These are part of creative imagination at the basic level. So Creativity in its initial stage is just a thought. When the thought evolves into an idea and when the idea is executed, it becomes a creation. But what is essential then for creating is originality. This originality lies in looking at the same thing as everyone else but thinking differently as Picasso did.

While all of us have the basic creative urge, only some of us succeed in truly being one. How is it that some are more creative than others ? Some people act on their ideas immediately while others ignore them, some have a tendency to act only when motivated and many times a talent in a person goes unrecognized. These acts hamper us from doing anything creative. Also, the fear of rejection, stress and routine, preconceived notions and self criticism are few factors that curtail our creative behaviour.



But as a matter of fact, a person who is creative in his profession can also be creative in other areas. The best example being that of the great renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci, who tried his hand at everything. He was famous for his scientific theories, modern discoveries, artistic innovations, discoveries in meteorology and geology and many more…

Just as an artist assigns a form to the material according to his idea as a means of expression, each one of us have emotions, feelings and experiences to act and feel differently and to express our emotions in any manner we like and feel we are good at. When people empathising with our emotions accept our expressions we are called creative. The process of creativity then becomes an experience of joy.

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