Broadcasting in India

Broadcasting in India

With a network of more than eighty broadcasting stations, India has achieved a phenomenal progress in this field. Next to the cinema, the radio is today the most widespread means and popular means of entertainment, also facilitating the advancement of knowledge. This article would focus on the public radio stations rather than the private ones, as the youth of today seems to be disconnected with the richness in content and variety of these channels.

Asregards entertainment, music is of course the principal item. Although the popular variety of music dominates, classical music, both vocal and instrumental, is not ignored. The violin, the sitar, the sarampi, the table, the vichitra veena, and the piano, all figure in these programmes. As regards vocal music, again we have all kinds served to us โ€“ thumri, dadra, khayal, qawwali, ghazal, bhajanalong with the LokGeet(folk songs) and Carnatic music. The Radio SangeetSammelanis an annual event presenting the best classical musicians of the country. Besides this, the radio also explores and encourages fresh talent in the field.

Radio-play is another important feature. It is true that, in order to be fully enjoyed, a play should be visually presented; however, the radio-play has its own technique and does not fail to appeal to listeners. It covers a wide range of historical, political and social themes and romantic plays with love, adventure and sacrifice as their subjects. Radio-plays are generally of a short duration of ten to fifteen minutes so that the listenersโ€™ attention does not wander.

The educative value of broadcasting is equally important in the light of the fact that the average Indian listener is intellectually backward. The rural and a large section of the urban population is not adequately updated

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