Aptitude Test


According to Freeman,” aptitude is a combination of characteristics indicative of an individual’s capacity to acquire some specific knowledge, skill or set of organized responses such as the ability to speak a language, to become a musician or do mechanical work. “It simply states that you need to possess qualities in different proportions to learn or to become something, such as to acquire the ability to speak a language. These qualities can be harnessed by appropriate training but some innate ability in that field is required.

There are various types of aptitude tests available-

  • Tests of Colour Vision- These type of tests are usually used in army, to be able to distinguish between different flags, uniforms etc. The people who are colour deficit could be diverted to some other field.
  • Tests of Visual Acuity- This type of ability is usually required in occupations like pilot, who need to be high on visual acuity.
  • Motor and Manual Tests- This ability is required by people involved in mechanical jobs like mechanical engineering etc.
  • Aptitude in Medicine- These tests are used in the screening of medical students for selection in college.
  • Aptitude for Teaching- Teaching aptitude test is administered during or after professional education, to evaluate the professional knowledge.

Aptitude tests thus play a major role in the screening of students for admitting in college, selection in jobs and also for guiding students in choosing their career.

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