All Confused About Policies….

All Confused About Policies....

It’s not the first time a government is standing or passing a policy which when they are in opposition are opposed on. Not only those are opposed on as well as every government tries to reform the policies in their way to which they are in favor at time they are in opposition. We have many examples in front of us for example Land treaty with India and Bangladesh, Land Acquisition Bill, an 51% FDI in Multi-Brand Retail.

Yes, You heard right FDI in multi brand retail. We all knew about it when UPA government came up with this policy in parliament in 2012, BJP the leading opposition party of that time had opposed this bill a huge. Not only opposition the parties which were aside or allied in UPA too opposed it Such as Mamta Banerjee led TMC.

Now, the topic is after a huge Rebel against the policy, Standing and shouting at well of Lok sabha for a year, and saying not to implement it NDA governed States, What have been changed in the policy? The answer is nothing but the name of finance minister and prime minister is changed rest the policy is intact, the Carbon Copy of that of UPA government. Not only NDA government is blamed for opposing policies once in the opposition then coming with the same UPA also did the same.

The Questions arises is why the mood swings it that much context from turning from opposition to a ruling party? Why a policy seaming once to devastating changes into developing in just 3 years and that too without any change? Is now the policy of FDI in multi brand Retail is not against the local confectionery stores?….

The Government has too tell there point on this in details as the same policy has been opposed in a very large sphere and now planning to present it in parliament. The “Nation Wants To Know” why so.

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