Flexible manufacturing System:

FMS is a technology that provides some flexibility to allow the system to react in the case of changes. Its introduction has lead to increased productivity and improved quality. It is a form of flexible automation in which several machine tools are linked together by a material-handling system, and all aspects of the system are controlled by a central computer.This system can serve the purpose of process design in an effective and efficient manner.

Features of FMS:

  • An FMS is distinguished from an automated production line by its ability to process more than one product style simultaneously.
  • At any moment, each machine in the system may be processing a different part type.
  • FMS can let us make changes in production schedule in order to meet the demands on different products.

Approaches to flexibility:

Flexibility means production of reasonably priced customized products of high quality with quick delivery. Different approaches to flexibility are follow:

  • Manufacturing
  • Operational
  • Customer
  • Strategic
  • Capacity

Three levels of Manufacturing Flexibility:

Basic Flexibility:

There are three types of basic flexibility:

  • Machine flexibility – the ease with which a machine can process various operations
  • Material handling flexibility -a measure of the ease with which different part types can be transported and properly positioned at the various machine tools in a system
  • Operation flexibility – a measure of the ease with which alternative operation sequences can be used for processing a part type

System flexibility:

  • Volume flexibility-measure of system’s capability
  • Expansion flexibility-ability to build system
  • Routing flexibility-measure of alternative path
  • Process flexibility-measure of volume of part type that system can produce
  • Product flexibility-measure of part type which is manufactured with minor set-up

Aggregate flexibility:

  • Program Flexibility-ability of system to run for long period
  • Production Flexibility-volume of set of part types that system can produce without major investment in capital
  • Market Flexibility-ability of system to adapt to change market condition.

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