A Future of Open Internet : “NET NEUTRALITY”

A Future of Open Internet NET NEUTRALITY

INTERNET : A Platform of Innovation , Free Expression, Creativity, and Entrepreneurial Economic Growth

 Currently, A Buzzing word ‘Net Neutrality’ rages debate over issues of internet regulation. Though Internet is a platform for sound innovation and growth since it revolutionize the daily lifestyle very rapidly within decades. Now Buzzing word of ‘Net Neutrality’ will be prominent subject to understand it properly.

Principle of Net Neutrality :All Traffic on internet must be treated Equally by internet service providers i.e Data will be not discriminated on basis of content, size and user. An ISP always tries to regulate the internet by slowing down particular competitor’s content or political motive of disagreement also led to interruption in a e-commerce and online trading. It setbacks a true entrepreneurial spirit of creator or developer. These issues may cause a suppression of unheard voices of people,  destroys a platform of equality, hinders open competition principle.

Net Neutrality needs to be enacted with true spirits as with development of technological advancement of country, such issues are needed to consider it properly through holistically approach to meet aspiration and demands that are needed to be met w. A proper procedure of IT law to be enacted with elaborated discussion and policies with concern groups. The subject may develops the futures of IT industry in interlinking various services world widely. In order to seek our government moral support towards net neutrality framework and subject to translate into a law with scientific mechanized approach.


Benefits : A Every Internet consumer. New Ventures, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurial spirit of business, boosting efficiency of people and networking system.

Challenges :  Concern for National Security, Big Companies, as information may lead to commit a crime, financial health  risk might to be associated with methodology.


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