Freedom of Internet Access

Freedom of Internet Access

Have you saved your money for investments? If yes, what will be the return from your investments? Its always monetary benefits right!!!  Have you ever reaped informational benefits as return from your investments?  Invest your savings in websites to grab the information you are in need of. This situation is no more far from you, if you don’t stand against the violations of net neutrality.

Equality among data, non discrimination among websites and neutrality among network is all what we request for and this is all about net neutrality.

What is the scenario of internet today?

If you are an aircel subscriber, you would be fortunate enough to access Wikipedia in your mobile for free.

If you are an airtel subscriber, you would be fortunate enough to access google services such as google search, google plus and gmail for free.

If you are a reliance subscriber, you would be fortunate enough to access twitter in your mobile for free.

These are just couple of examples from the infinite number of partnerships between the internet services and telecom service providers happened and still happening every day.

If you are subscribed to a particular telecom service provider, you will be feasible to access the provider’s partnered websites for free with relatively high speed while other websites are being discriminated with slow service.

So, how is net neutrality supportive to us?  Your search will be equally efficient for all your destinations.

Just pay for your internet pack, access every single website and whole world of data at unbiased speed and equal cost.

Companies capable of raising funds to partner up with telecom providers fall under “zero rating” category. These companies are being treated high and stand before all other websites in the priority list. But, companies which suffer to raise capital and stand among competition will be discriminated among the players.Net neutrality has to play its role here to rescue discriminated companies and people to access emancipate internet.

What can you expect if you hesitate to stand for net neutrality? As I mentioned before, beyond the cost of internet pack you need to disperse your savings to pay for websites that doesn’t fall under “zero category”, to get better information for your day to day living.

As per Airtel zero concept, services will be rendered in two categories free and paid. If you wish to fall under free category you will be prohibited from using over the top services.  Whatsapp and still other most frequently used services are categorized as over the top services. So either stand for net neutrality or be ready to sacrifice your savings.

Only way to save internet and to get freedom of access is to support “save the internet” campaign within 24th April 2015. Cross your fingers till 2nd week of May to know about the final call on net neutrality in India.

Raise your voice to convey TRAI that their duty is to support and fulfill the rights of consumers but not the profits of telecom providers. Now stand for the “Freedom of Internet Access”.




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