7 must have for spoken communication

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Speaking to someone directly has certain advantages over written communication. For example, you can convey shades of meaning and emphasis with your tone pf voice or “body language”, and you can immediately ask or answer questions if anything is unclear. However, unless you take motes of your conversation, you have no record of what was said also, it isn’t always possible to speak to someone at a time that’s convenient to you both.

Some general rules for speaking to others

(1) Think before you speak.
(2) Speak clearly and slowly enough to be easily understood.
(3) Be pleasant and confident.
(4) Be as specific as you can.
(5) Stick to one idea or issue at a time- doesn’t ramble.
(6) Practice good listening skills (and take notes, if necessary).
(7) Be tactful, but direct. Use humor with care!

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