7 Best Learning and Development (L&D) Certification and Online Course in 2022

7 Best Learning and Development (L&D) Certification and Online Course in 2022

Every organization seeks to build a systematic process to enhance their employee’s skills, knowledge, and competency, for better performance in a work setting. Therefore professionals working in the Learning and development (L&D) department are considered the core team in Human Resource Management and employee skills upgrade. The learning and development professionals take into account the organization’s talent management strategy and align group, individual goals as well as the performance with the holistic vision and goals of the company.

To better understand learning is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes and Development refers to broadening the knowledge in line with one’s development goals. So, if you are also planning to build a career in learning and development it is very important that you have the required knowledge and skills to boost your current skills set to stand out in this competitive job environment.

For the candidates who aspire to refine their learning and development skills, here are the best courses offered by some well-known online educational sites and institutes that will both enhance your knowledge and will simultaneously verify your knowledge and abilities on several professional platforms as well as your CV. Here is a list of the Top 7 Learning and Development (L&D) Certification and Online Course in 2022 that will help you find out which course suits your requirements the best.

1. Certified Learning and Development (L&D) Manager Course by Vskills

This certification program is designed for Learning and Development managers in order to help them create and execute learning tactics and programs, implement different learning methods, and design, deliver e-learning courses, training, and other workshops. Thus, if you are a working professional or an L&D manager then this course will help you excel in your chosen areas and make a further career progression.


Course Details

  • Government certification
  • Learning duration- 13 hrs
  • Certificate Validity- Lifetime
  • Fees- Rs 3499

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Learning and Development
  • Value of Learning and Development
  • Learning and Learning Styles
  • Learning Organization
  • Learning Technologies
  • Models of Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Learning and Development
  • Effective Evaluation
  • Leadership Development

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2. Learning, Knowledge, and Human Development by Coursera

This course basically provides you with an understanding of theories of learning and development and the way the theories relate to educational technology. It consists of two components- the first being theoretical, wherein you’ll develop an overall frame of reference, finding approaches to learning psychology, and the second being practical, wherein you’ll use these theoretical concepts in order to parse a technology-mediated learning environment for its presuppositions.


Course Details

  • Level-Beginner
  • Duration-9hrs
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Subtitles: Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish, Hungarian

Course Outline

  • COURSE ORIENTATION + Foundations of Educational Psychology
  • Brain Developmentalism and Social Cognitivism
  • Social and Emotional Conditions of Learning and Student Development
  • Productive Struggle in Learning and Quantitative Psychology

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3. Introduction to Learning and Development by Udemy

This course gives you the opportunity to plan your career in learning and development as part of human resources or something outside of it by completing a personal development plan. Thus, it’ll provide you with access to free learning and development resources, case studies based on best practices as well as visual guides in L&D.


Course Details

  • Certification validity- Lifetime
  • 12 downloadable resources
  • Price- Rs 396
  • Learning hours- 2 hrs

Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • What is learning and development?
  • Goal and purpose of learning and development
  • Roles in learning and development teams
  • Skills needed in learning and development
  • Activities of learning and development practitioners
  • Conclusion

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4. Organizational Learning and Development by Linkedin Learning

This course teaches you the way to adapt your program over time, assess the level of maturity of the organization, and design a learning program that maps the maturity level of your organization. It covers adult learning theories and methodologies, the fundamentals of instructional design, and also describes different kinds of learning programs that are available to you.

LinkedIn Learning

Course Details

  • Quizzes-3
  • Exercise file-1
  • Level-Intermediate

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Organizational Development and Learning Overview
  • Best Practices for Effective Learning
  • Elements of Organizational L&D
  • Conclusion

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5. The Future Learning and Development Leader programme by KPMG

This course helps in creating people capability, developing a strategy for learning, and sustaining a learning culture. Hence, this comprehensive learning program aims to help the Learning and Development professionals build a roadmap for the future by enhancing their core as well as power skills.

Course Details

  • Duration-12 weeks
  • Self-paced
  • Language-English
  • Assignments included

Course Topics

  • Learning Operating Model
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Learning Design
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Alternative Learning Solutions
  • Learning Technology
  • Measuring Learning Impact
  • Consulting Skills
  • Influencing Without Authority
  • Data Analytics and Learning
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Digital Fluency

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6. Learning & Development Online Training + Certification by GSDC

Certified Learning and Development Professional (CLDP) by GSDC is an internationally-accredited certification program that helps in enhancing your learning and development competencies highly useful in preparing you as an L&D professional with the science of talent development in organizations, performance management, corporate training, and succession planning.

Topics Covered

1. Training, Development, and Education

 2. Training Skills and Techniques

 3. Learning and Learning Styles

 4. Training Policy

 5. Training Need Assessment

 6. Designing Training Plan

 7. T&D Programs

 8. Competency-Based Training

 9. New Employee Training

 10. Management Development

 11. Mentoring and Coaching

 12. Computer Based Training

 13. Evaluation of Training

 14. Effective Training and Development

 15. Train the Trainer

 16. Training for Diversity

7. Certified Learning & Development Manager (CLDM) by middle earthr

This learning program on L&D management will enable you to develop competency maps and behaviorally anchored rating systems in order to plan scientific and structured training in your organization. Hence, this course will help improve your current level of knowledge of learning and development and will help you apply the learned skills practically.


  • Duration-4 weeks
  • Rating-4.8
  • Format-Live online

Now, it’s time to wrap up the blog. We hope that it will prove to be insightful and will help you decide which course suits your requirements the best. So, don’t wait and directly enroll for any of the above courses and boost your knowledge of learning and development.


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