5 most used tips to plan for change


1. Look before you leap.
Some people get so excited about the possible benefits of change that they jump from idea to implementation in a single leap. Always keep in mind that effective change requires careful planning.

2. Look at the change from every possible angle.

  • Who will the change affect? How are those people likely to react?
  • Will trade unions be involved? Are the likely to be receptive to the change?
  • What other factors might help or hinder you implementing the change?

3. Consult your team whenever possible.
Ask for their ideas. They may be aware of potential problems- and solutions – that you hadn’t thought of. Being involved in the planning also makes people more likely to accept changes because they feel some ownership of the changes.

4. Break up things into steps.
Plan to implement change in a series of smaller steps instead of in one giant leap. For each step, consider

  • What needs to be done
  • Which methods will be used to get it done
  • Which people  will need to be involved
  • When it will be completed.

5. Be sure to monitor you progress regularly.

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