5 Steps to build interaction skills for team leaders and managers


Every team leader or manager in organization need to interact with their respective teams. Interaction skills forms an important component for team leader and mangers develop a high performing team which performs too their maximum for achieving the goals within the defined deadlines. Five steps to develop interaction skills for being effective team leader or manager are


1. Make sure team members know their jobs.

Get to know your team members. It’s important to know them as individuals and have a good working relationship with each of them. Know establish whether any advice or more formal training would be useful. Check that the right person is in the right job and that they are achieving for themselves, the team and the organization.


2. Earn team member’s respect and trust

Be honest, but tactful and supportive in what you say-even if criticizing. Don’t forget to praise work that is well done. Be sensitive to team members’ individual needs, whenever possible. For example, some may respond best to recognition for their achievements; others may seek more freedom or responsibility


3. Hold regular meetings.

Plan and organize meetings. Encourage everyone to attend and participate. Meetings are a great way to keep team members up to date they provide a chance for everyone to share opinions and ask questions.


4. Face up to problems right away

Don’t assume problems will themselves if you do nothing. One of the responsibilities of leadership is to take action to correct problems- the sooner the better!


5. Walk the job often.

Observing people as they work can tell you a lot- about their attitude, attention to detail and the effort they’re putting in. Also, visiting people at work shows them you care about them and the work being done, and it demonstrates that you want to know what’s going on.

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