5 essentials for post decision making


Decision making is the de-facto activity of team leaders and managers. They need to take decisions at various levels like tactical, operational or strategic decisions. But what differentiates best performing team leaders and managers, is their focus on post decision making as well. Every team leader and manager should follow the below five guidelines for post decision making


1. See if your decision is working as planned

Monitor what is happening and after a reasonable length of time, check what has actually happened against the goal(s) you decided on. Find out, for example, if new quality targets were met, if your accident rate accomplished.


2. Talk to the people involved 

Find out if things are working smoothly, or if unexpected difficulties are arising some adjustments may be needed-this is not uncommon and it doesn’t mean your decision was wrong.


3. Get to the root of any unwanted consequences

Once you identify any new problems that are the result of your decision, start the decision- marking process again. Keep at it until you iron out the kinks- or decide to try a new approach.


4. Analyze your decision 

If your decision was a success you have a model you can use for future decisions- and an opportunity to congratulate those involved. If your decision didn’t work out, you can still learn form the experience. In either case, sharing the knowledge you’ve gained can benefit your organization.


5. Keeps decision making an ongoing process

As you gain experience in decision making try to learn to anticipate change or react to it as effectively as possible. By anticipating the need for decisions, you can allow yourself more time to reach a decision you are happy with.

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