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5 Best Software Testing Tools

What is Testing?

It is a process in which pre-scripted tests are executed on a software application before their production release to check for any defect.

Types of Testing

Manual Testing

It’s a manual process to check for defects if any, while performing this tester must have the stance of an end user. And ensuring all the features are working as stated in the requirement document.

The Automated Testing

It has an objective to simplify the testing efforts as much possible with a minimum set of scripts to find any defect using the automation tools. If a large percentage of a quality assurance (QA) team’s resources are consumed by the unit testing, E.g. then for automation this process might be a good candidate. Automated testing tools have the capability of comparing results with earlier test runs, reporting outcomes and, executing tests. Thus, tests carried out with these tools can repeatedly run, at any time of the day.

The software tool market is flooded with numerous soft-ware testing tools. There are 100+ tools in the market, while not all of them will offer you the best service. Here is a list of best sorted Software Testing Tools:

  1. Apache JMeter
  2. loadRunner
  3. Loadster
  4. Load impact
  5. Qtest
  6. httperf
  7. Selenium
  8. Qtp – HP
  9. Appium
  10. Pylot

The list goes on to a great number of options available. While the best of all the available options are few only – Selenium, JMeter, LoadRunner, Qtp- HP and Appium are the most preferred of all.

1. Selenium: this software testing tool is designed to test web applications. It was originated back in the 2000s and evolved over a decade. Selenium has been a choice for web automation testers especially for the ones possessing advanced programming and scripting skills for being automation framework. Also, it has become a core framework for the other open source test automation tools such as- Watir, Protractor, Robot Framework, and the Katalon Studio. As Selenium supports multiple system environments like- Windows, Linux and Mac. And the browsers- Firefox, Headless browser, IE, and Chrome. While, its scripts can be written in various programming languages such as- Groovy, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl, etc.


2. JMeter: its open source software, a complete Java application designed to measure performance and to load test. It was solely designed for testing the web applications but then extended to other test functions as well. Apache JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and a dynamic resource, Web dynamic applications JMeter is used.

To simulate a heavy load on a server, group of servers, network or to analyze overall performance under different load types or object to test its strength it can be used.


3. LoadRunner- it’s a performance testing tool developed by hp completely using C language. It is designed to test applications measuring the system behaviour and their performance under load. By generating messages between the applications it stimulates user activity, the interactions and messages generated are stored in the scripts.

UFT 01

4. QTP – HP: Quick Test Professional while the latest name is “UTF” i.e. Unified Functional Tester after being acquired by HP, is an automation functional testing tool, primarily used for regression, service testing, and functional. Using this you can automate actions of users on a web or client based computer application and testing the same actions for different users, different browsers, and various windows operating systems.

Appium mobile testing

5. Appium: It’s an open source automation tool designed for mobile applications. All three types of mobile applications: hybrid, mobile web, and native are tested by Appium. While, it also allows to run the automated tests on actual devices – simulators and emulators.

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