4 main attributes to lead by example



Leading a team or an organization is not just having a title of leader or manager or even being a director but, the real leader irrespective of designation, color, race or even qualification, always leaders by example he sets for other. Such “true leaders” have four common attributes which distinguishes them from other, and which are

1. Be positive

True leaders are always positive and enthusiastic in the way they conduct themselves, hence the team also follows the same attribute of being positive.


2. Be fair

Being fair and decisive in handling difficult issues at work is the attribute found in all true leaders. They promote fairness and action towards their team.


3. Be courteous

Being prompt, professional and courteous helps every member of the team to be of the same. Courteousness adds friendliness toward other members of the team and they feel protected and also reciprocate the same towards others.


4. Enthuse happiness

Leaders always show enjoyment in working with their team and the rest of the team also responds with more enjoyment in working together, too.


Be the mirror to yourself by being the kind of person you expect your team members to be!

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