4 basics for using the telephone

the face that greets you

The Telephone offers some of the advantages of speaking directly with someone, without the inconvenience of having to be in the some place at the same time.

Before placing a call, always make sure it’s necessary. If the matter isn’t urgent, a note or face-to-face conversation at a later date may do. Remember that using the phone can be costly, and long phone calls tie up the communication network. Here are some tips for the using the phone effectively:

  1. The person you’re talking to receives no visual clues, but can tell a lot your tone of voice-take care!
  2. Keep paper and pen handy.
  3. Before making calls, gather together the information you need. Call during the cheap-rate periods, if possible. Let the phone ring long enough for someone who’s busy to answer. Identify yourself and the purpose of the call immediately and make sure it’s a good time to talk.
  4. When taking calls. Answer promptly if you can. Be courteous, and identify yourself and your department right away. Give the caller your full attention.

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