10 Best Total Quality Management (TQM) Courses and Certifications to start your career in 2022

10 Best Total Quality Management (TQM) Courses and Certifications to start your career in 2022

In today’s world, total quality management is an essential technique for the development of an organization and its employees. It comprises organization-wide efforts to install and create a permanent climate where the employees improve their ability to provide on-demand products and services which the customers will find of specific value. So, if you wish to build a career in Total quality management and quality assurance, then you are at the right place, just stick to the blog till the end and you’ll find the 10 Best Total Quality Management (TQM) Courses and Certifications to start your career in 2022. To begin with, let’s look at the roles, responsibilities, and required skills of a TQM specialist.


As a Total Quality Manager, one is required to-

  • develop and implement quality control tests
  • write reports
  • inspect products at different stages
  • document production issues

Recommended skills

To begin with, let’s discuss the basic skills a Total Quality Manager should possess. These are-

  • Knowledge of data analysis tools
  • Research skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Sound judgement
  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Decision-making skills

10 Best Total Quality Management (TQM) Courses and Certifications to start your career in 2022

If you are someone who wishes to start a career in Total Quality Management then you are at the right place as here we provide you with the 10 Best Total Quality Management (TQM) Courses and Certifications offered by the best-known online educational sites and institutes that will both enhance your knowledge and will also validate your knowledge on several professional platforms and your CV. So, without any more waste of time, let’s directly look at the 10 Best Total Quality Management (TQM) Courses and Certifications to start your career in 2022.

1. Certified TQM Professional by Vskills

This course on Total Quality Management (TQM) helps you understand how this approach has changed the way businesses work. TQM is highly recognized for providing a direction to an organization and its business activities with the incorporation of quality principles. Moreover, this course will teach you the fundamental principles as well as applications of total quality management. So, by the end of this program, you’ll learn how to develop and implement quality strategies so as to achieve excellence and meet the needs of customers. Following are some important details and the course outline that you should know before enrolling in this course.


Course Details

  • Study material- Hard copy available
  • E-learning access- Lifelong
  • Learning hours- 16 hrs
  • Certification validity- Lifetime

Course Outline

  • TQM and Quality Basics
  • Models and Frameworks for TQM
  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Planning – Policy, Strategy and Goal Deployment
  • Partnerships and Resources
  • Design for Quality
  • Performance Measurement Frameworks
  • Self-Assessment, Audits and Reviews
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic Quality Management
  • Cross Functional Management
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Process Management
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Human Resource Management
  • Implementing TQM

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2. Supply Chain Management: A Learning Perspective by Coursera

This course teaches the basic principles of value creation for the market or its consumers. As the title suggests, this course deals with all the related issues from a learning perspective that is dynamic in nature and emphasizes more on long-term capability building instead of short-term symptomatic problem-solving. So, you should go for this certification if you wish to develop your fundamental skills on TQM but before that keep note of the following important details.


Course Details

  • Shareable certificate
  • Subtitles: English, Arabic, Italian, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, German, Korean
  • Ratings-4.7
  • Duration- 18 hours

Course Outline

  • Quality – Multidimensional Nature
  • Quality – Order Winning versus Qualifying
  • Quality Costs – Quality Failure
  • Total Quality Management
  • Quality Improvement Dynamics – Quality is Free?
  • Quality Dynamics – “Quality-Learning”
  • Quality – Statistical Process Control Part 1
  • Quality – Statistical Process Control Part 2
  • Quality – Process Capability

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3. Total Quality Management by Udemy

This is an in-depth course on total quality management that has close to 1079 students currently enrolled and over one hundred and thirty-one reviews to date. Moreover, this course helps in understanding the contribution of quality management in the making of better products and also delivering better services. So, this course is a good option for candidates who wish to gain knowledge on this topic and validate that knowledge at different professional media platforms or their CVs.


Course Details

  • Certification validity- Lifetime
  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 3 downloadable resources

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Product quality vs service quality
  • Quality pioneers
  • Quality, strategy and investments
  • Quality and the five forces
  • Product and service development
  • Quality tools
  • Implementing a quality system

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4. Supply Chain Management Tools and Techniques by edx.org

This course offered by ISCEA prepares its candidates for the ISCEA (CSCA) Certified Supply Chain Analyst Exam on edX and is also a requirement for becoming ISCEA certified. It provides in-depth knowledge of Supply chain management and principles of total quality management and, therefore, enables you to portray your skills on various professional levels. So, go through the following details and course outline first in order to be aware of the prerequisites and other information.


Course Details

  • Institution- ISCEA
  • Self-paced
  • Level- Introductory
  • Learning duration- 4 weeks(at the pace of 2-8 hrs/week)

Course Outline

1. Aggregate Planning

2. Sales Order Fulfillment

3. Lean and Continuous Improvement Tools

4. Sustainability

5. Team Dynamics

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5. Understanding Cost of Quality and TQM Tools by Alison

This is a free-of-cost online Total Quality Management(TQM) certification course that will show you the way to implement a quality management system. It helps you understand that the Cost of Quality is more about the cost of not creating a quality product or service instead of the cost of creating it. So, if you aspire to become a quality manager, then this training will help you move a step ahead towards your target. Some other details of this program are as follows-


Course Details

  • Learning duration- 1.5-3 hrs
  • Language- English
  • Accreditation- CPD
  • Prerequisites- None

Course Modules

  • Understanding costs of quality and TQM tools
  • Assessment

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6. Total Quality Management (TQM) Certificate training course by IFQ

This certification course by IFQ is meant for working professionals, staff members with 1-2 years experience, quality assurance engineers, supervisors, software quality assurance team members, etc. It has several benefits such as-

  • Preparing you to work in quality departments of various companies
  • Enables you to work as Asst. MR/MR and internal auditors
  • Provides you with a completion certificate

Course Details

  • Days-  4
  • Sessions – 4 (2x2hrs per day)
  • Sessions duration- 2x2hrs per day
  • Amount- INR 10000.00

Course Outline

  • Principles of TQM
  • QC Tools/problem solving tools
  • Cost of Poor quality(CTQ)
  • How to use ISO clauses? Clauses of ISO 9001 – 2008 Standard, its co-relation with Organization structure.
  • Documentation required+ QuaLity objectives preparation
  • Study of Audit procedures, MR function responsibilities
  • MRMS’ format & review
  • Minutes of meetings with top management of Dept. Head.
  • Lean techniques(5-S, Kaizen, Kanban, Poka yoke)
  • Process approach
  • Team work
  • MRM, implementation of vision, Quality Policy/Objectives.

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7. Total Quality Management Certification Training Course by KOENIG

This training course on Total Quality Management helps you learn the way to escape from daily work distractions and interruptions and helps concentrate on learning. It teaches how all the members of an organization participate in the improvement of processes, services, products, and the culture in which they work. So, you can go for this exam considering the following details and course outline.

Course Details

  • Duration- 24hrs
  • Flexible dates
  • Language- English

Course modules

1. Introduction

2. Historical evolution of Total Quality Management

3. Some definitions of quality

4. Philosophy, principles, and concepts of TQM 

5. Quality management systems and standardization 

6. The European Quality Award 

7. Tools for the quality journey 

8. Some new management techniques 

9. Measurement of quality: an introduction 

10. Measurement of customer satisfaction 

11. Measurement of employee satisfaction 

12. Quality checkpoints and quality control points 

13. Quality measurement in product development 

14. Quality costing 

15. Benchmarking 

16. Leadership, policy deployment, and quality motivation 

17. Implementation process 

18. Quality culture and learning

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8. ASQ’s Total Quality Management Course

This course will expose you to the basic concepts of total quality management. It emphasizes teaching the way to use a combination of strategy, data, and communication in order to integrate quality into all the other aspects of the organization. So, by the end of this course, you’ll find yourself equipped with the tools and techniques of TQM and would be capable of starting a career in supply chain management and total quality management.

Course Details

  • CEU hours- 0
  • Duration- 16 hours
  • Leve- Introductory

Course Outline

  1. Quality Basics
  2. Team basics
  3. Improvement 
  4. Supplier Relationship
  5. Customer Relationship

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9. Total Quality Management – I by Swayam

This course is actually the first part of the two-part course on TQM that covers topics ranging from TQM, basic concepts of quality assurance, process capability, fundamental statistical concepts, SPC, acceptance sampling and quality management systems, ISO 9000, etc. Therefore, this is a good option for candidates who wish to boost their skills and validate their knowledge on professional media platforms and their CVs. Some important details of this course are as follows-


Course Details

  • Learning duration- 8 weeks
  • Course type- Elective
  • Level- UG, PG
  • Workshops included
Course Outline
  • Total Quality Management and Quality Management Philosophies
  • Customer Value Evaluation, Kaizen, Problem Solving and Quality Management
  • Elementary concepts related to 7 Old and 7 New Tools for quality Assurance
  • Basic Statistical Concepts and Control of Accuracy and Precision
  • Process Capability, SPC, Acceptance Sampling
  • Quality Management Systems, ISO 9000

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10. Total Quality Management course by TUV

The training program is designed with an approach to equip the candidates to use a combination of data and strategy for integrating quality into all aspects of the organization. So, this course will provide you with everything you require to quickly ramp up and become an efficient TQM specialist. Hence, if this is what you are looking for then straightaway go for this certification and boost your knowledge.


Some important details of this course are as follows-

Course Details

  • Learning duration- 3 days
  • Level- Intermediate
  • Intended audience- Working professionals

Topics covered

  • Evolution of TQM
  • TQM tools and Techniques
  • TQM principles and strategies
  • The quality movement
  • Implementing TQM

Apply for the course

We’ve discussed all the major sources that provide the best courses on TQM. Hopefully, this blog will help you decide which course suits you the best. So, don’t wait anymore and right away enroll for any of the above courses and boost your skills in Total Quality Management.


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