You Think Men Are Smarter Than Women

You Think Men Are Smarter Than Women

The war between the genders has been a long one. Before it was raged in the shadows but now its head on.

With the  fight for gender equality is on the rise. As evident it may be the question of the superior gender always rises without fail.

Till now we have only twiddled with is with songs like

Girls are best, boys are best…. prapra….

But now we actually try to prove it, as our intellectual minds have taken up the challenge.

Here is a prognosis by Prof Rushton on whose wining it.

There are numerous studies suggesting that it’s not so over the years. But in an recent study it was  stressed that, the tests conducted before were of  school students and teen of the group no teens of age 17-18.

Which gives girls a unfair advantage as the mature faster than the boys thus can be seen to do better in schools. Thus does not lead to  fair trial and the studies need to be analyzed on full grown people.

Prof Rushton says that the difference is due to the difference in the size of the brain.

He argues that,” we know that men have larger brains, even when you take into account larger body size,’ said the researcher. ‘That means there are more neurons. The question is what these neurons are doing in a man – and they probably have an advantage in processing information.”

His study focuses on the greater size of the brain

But what he forgot to associate is that, men are bigger built as well , thus the bigger brain  size, implying that the size may be bigger but the body is too.

Real shocker haa.

Thus once again our twiddling has given no result

But our intellectuals will not rest someday we might come to know who superior


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