Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity
Have you ever imagined to charge your laptop or mobile phone without plugging it to a wall socket or thought of watching Television without connecting its wire to the power. Well, it is possible. This can be done using the concept of wireless electricity.
Wireless electricity is the transfer of power from one device to another, air being the medium of transmission. First attempt of wireless power transmission was made by Nikola Tesla.
Nikola Tesla has made major contributions to science and society. He was the inventor of Alternating current due to which production and transportation of electricity became easier. He was the inventor of LASER which is used in every other department rather it be Scientific, Military, Medical, Industrial and commercial. He was also the inventor of  Electric Motor, Radio, X-rays, Remote Control and many more. He also invented how light can be harnessed and distributed.
In the year 1899,  Nikola Tesla first made practical demonstrations of wireless power transmission. He powered a field of fluorescent lamps which were located twenty-five miles away from their power source and that too without using wires. This technology requires two coils: one of which is transmitter and other, receiver. An alternating current is passed through the transmitter coil which generates a magnetic field. This in turn induces a voltage in the receiver coil. It can be used to power a mobile phone or charge a battery. To explain further, whenever we direct an electrical current through a wire there is a natural phenomena that occurs, circular magnetic field is created around the wire. And if we coil that wire, its magnetic field becomes stronger. Now if we take a second coil of wire that does not have an electrical current passing through it and place that coil within the magnetic field of the first coil, current will start flowing in the second coil also due to inductive coupling.
Wireless electricity is a new area of technology and is rapidly being developed.
 Nowadays it is also been termed as WiTricity.  A new industry WiTricity Corporation which was founded in 2007 is working on to commercialize the new technology of wireless electricity.
Wireless Electricity will soon bring about a revolution in science applications.

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