When life becomes Stressful?


Stressful Lifestyle are becoming common these days. Even students are becoming stressful because of increasing competition in studies.


Life is full of challenges. Each day is packed with several situations. Most of them are absolutely unpredictable, unexpected and many escape from our control. A situation, to generate stress, doesn’t even need to be negative. In fact, according to scientists, the most stressful situations are positive. Getting married to the love of your life and having children, no matter how much you want it, are two clear examples of this complex problem.

Is stress always generated solely by changes and unexpected events?

Of course, stress doesn’t only result from big changes or unexpected surprises. It mainly arises from everyday routine, for over a million reasons and from the tiniest and most insignificant moments; like a flat tire or a five minute blackout.

Stressful situations

What becomes very important to understand is that there are no such things as stressful situations. Situations are neutral. They aren’t happy, sad, frightening or pleasant. A flat tire is nothing but a flat tire; it only becomes a problem when we decide it is a problem. We certainly don’t mean to turn situations into problems, this happens because we aren’t aware of our capacity to choose, as we don’t recognize all the different possibilities that are available to us.Our Interpretation is crucial, as well as our Reaction. And both of them can be chosen.Power relies on understanding this clearly and making the best choices.Our Interpretation is crucial, as well as our Reaction. And both of them can be chosen. Power relies on understanding this clearly and making the best choices.

How could I improve my life through changing my Interpretations and Reactions?
Imagine you’re on holidays. You wake up and it’s raining. You have several things to do and places to visit. Perhaps you had plans to go to the beach, or wanted to spend the day in the country with some friends.Generally, you get angry -or sad- and complain about what you call “a terrible day”. You think your plans are ruined and spend the entire day at home, getting bored and watching TV.

Choosing to Feel good

Opposite from what you may think, this is just one choice you have. You probably choose it because you are not aware of it, and believe this is the only choice you have. But, what if I told you there are many different options to choose from?

Imagine the same situation, but this time you have the Power that comes from Acknowledgment.

What can I do to transform problems into Opportunities?

You definitely can’t stop the rain. That’s an external factor and it’s out of your control.So why to stress out over it?




If you wish to get rid of your stress go through the above points briefly and try to avoid mistakes which can induce stressful situations in our life.

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What is Stress?
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