Iris recognition

Iris recognition


Iris recognition” technology is an attractive technology for identity management.Iris recognition provides accurate identity authentication without passwords, PIN numbers  or cards.Enrollment takes less than 2 minutes and authentication takes less than 2 seconds.

Do you know Iris is the external visible colored ring around the pupil of human eye. The inner edge of the iris is located by an iris scan algorithm which maps the iris distinct pattern and characteristics. This technology is stable, unique, flexible, reliable and non-invasive.Numbers of developing countries are considering iris scan technology for national ID. It is estimated that the chance of 2 iris (irides) being identical is 1 in 1078 .



This image explains in brief about the iris scanners ,” how iris is localized and way input is given, the mathematical steps involved for localizing, the generation of iris code and comparisons it makes” . Moreover it demonstrate the practical applications of iris scanners- and case study of how it has been implemented in Airports and in Banks . Finally we compare all those biometric techniques with iris scanners and state how it is superior to other biometrics. On seeing all these advantages we can come to a conclusion that “iris recognition biometric is the best way to implement smart security systems”   

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