What is design about?


So far we have spoken about the web design techniques and how a site should be user centric.
Now let’s take a step and discuss how to make site user centric.
Everything on the website is not done for the developer but for the user to experience.
You might use the most advanced technologies, and cutting edge designs to deliver your website but if the user is unhappy with it, it all goes to a waste.
Therefore, design and layout are the windows through which the user views and experiences your content.

If you have a poor layout, it would be unpleasing to the user, and on the other hand if you have a good design and layout, the user might keep coming back for more.
Before we go there it is essential to know and understand who the audience are going to be?
To design a website, it is first essential to know who the users are going to be.
For eg. A site like flipkart is a general site which has a wide audience to focus upon, and they have a general approach.
On the other hand ,CNET is a website based on technology and would attract techwiz and geeks.

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