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Website Content

Website Content
Encompasses all the information and applications available on your website. It’s is very surprising to know that the contents of a website may be same with respect to other with some minor font changes but the basic thing behind every website is to make it more available and user friendly to the users.
Why is this?
Content is the same because the intention of most websites is the same – to bring visitors on a journey towards an intended destination. They usually know nothing about the organisation. They are depending on you only for the information and history of the organisation before getting involved, e.g. to contact you about a funding opportunity, It is your job to make sure that the content you provide caters for all their information needs and leads them to decide in your favour.
For example, imagine a person interested in your charity comes to your website. She may have seen a reference to you in a magazine about some interesting work you are doing. Otherwise, she knows nothing about you. However, she liked what she read in the journal and has an interest in your discipline. If she feels you are competent and trustworthy, she would like to make a donation. It is important for all needs.
What is her online journey and how should you cater for it?
In this situation, the journey is simple:
Persuade her about the bona-fides of your organisation
Give her a basic introduction to the services & value you provide.
Compel her to act
Give her everything she needs to decide that you are a great organisation to support and make it easy to make a donation. Include a clear and explicit call-to-action that compels her to act, e.g. “Save a whale. Click here to donate now”.

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