New Phase India’s Foreign trade

New Phase India's Foreign trade

Since, establishment of 2014 government under the leadership of Shri Modi the new phase of dealing with foreign economies to develop Indian Economy through foreign trade took place. There may be many criticism on government regarding PM’s Tour to foreign countries by the opposition but all the foreign tours end up with great news of Increasing Trade.

Before these government the tours are done by the Foreign minister often, whereas PM goes to tour rarely. The way Shri Modi addresses the foreigners by taking out the relation between the countries is so, Knowledgeable and attractive to the Foreigners that the show their interest to give financial help to India.

According, to regulatory body on FDI in india, Our economy became the one of the most globally open economy, we have most of the FDI programmes for our economy leaving FDI in multi-brand retail.

Not, Only increasing FDI is the main focus of our government the main focus is towards increasing the manufacturing sector of the nation. The program initiated by the government “Make in India” initiative is the first step towards it. The logo of this program i.e; a lion made up of machine shows the interest of nation towards it’s manufacturing sector.

Not only there is only positive side to this, as every thing has its negative sides too.

After too much policies and agreement with foreign economies our FDI input is being Decreasing. Due to which our rupee is depreciating and inflation is increasing in terms of INR, But we see that our currency is stagnant arround rs. 63 for 1 USD, for this stagnancy the credits goes to RBI. They are doing this by open market operations.

Not only, this government making the business relation with foreign countries the are also developing the friendship relation. For instance, thanking the foreign countries Higher official by tweeting it. They are also making relation with Switzerland to bring back the Black money deposited in Swiz banks.

At last, government should see to the issue of foreign exchange rate, and through increasing the FDI’s they must commute to their resident and extract the fear of being enslaved from the foreign companies, as East India Company did that time. They have to ensure that we are now way more powerful nation and having the good relation which bigger powers.

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