We Need a reform in traffic rules…

We Need a reform in traffic rules...

We need a reform in our traffic rules, we need it? Fairly speaking no, we don’t need a bit of reform in our traffic rules what rules we have they are standardized well enough.

What we need is we have to make those people who don’t follow it make them to follow it, this is not the one man’s task. We all have to be united for the task. Not only the residents who not follow the traffic rules. We have had seen many police officials sitting in car without a seat belt, many traffic policemen and policemen on their two wheeler without wearing helmets. We can make other realize for traffic rules but what for those who are accountable for this.

Frankly speaking we don’t even require a reform in traffic rules for the normal residents of nation what we require it is for the officials who are there to make it right. Not only law can make them realize that they are also bounded to the traffic rules, We individually also have to go and ask them to wear a seat belt or helmet if we see any such thing happening near by us.

But it doesn’t mean that some traffic policemen and other policemen are not doing their job by wearing helmets and wearing seat belts we also do the same. We are here to realize them to do so and others to do the same.

But the irony in India is, We the residents of India are afraid of our police rather to feel safe from them. To do these things we have to feel safe from them. To make us feel safe We need government to make some amendments in laws which will do the need full in this regards. Further we also need some amendments in our traffic rules which includes some strict actions on the policemen who are not following the rules as well as we also need those policemen whoa re following rules to be strict on their colleagues who are not following the traffic rules.

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