Waste Management and Recycling

Waste Management and Recycling

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WASTE MANAGEMENT POLICY : To be Scientifically  Driven,Technical and ecological viable solution for A Sustainable Future

[G2G] ‘Garbage to Green’

Waste is not a rubbish! But it has power to give a new life and lead to generates green economy. Over a last decade, India has emerged as fastest growing country with rapid pace of Industrialization growth and Infrastructural development generates massive Waste material in terms of Solid, Municipal,Industrial and  Bio-Medical waste. It needs to be Scientifically and ecologically managed.

PM Narendra Modi mission of ‘Swachha Bharat/Clean India’ is a National level campaign covering 4041 statutory towns to clean streets, roads and infra involving industry, government, media, entertainers, and overall population. It is being set to promote mass awareness against Waste management as a Clean India revolution.

Although the quality of lifestyle change led to face multiple challenges but need sustainable solution. The concept of 3R need to understood, that is Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Rethink.

Approximately every year, 67 million tons Solid and 600 million cubic meter Municipal waste being produced among Total Waste generation 70% Waste get collected but only 17% Waste is treated and get recycled. The importance of recycling needs to be a subject of important factor in minimizing and optimizing the resources.

The Recycling and proper management in handling is being a business potential driven solution to economy. According to a report by Bureau of International Recycling , Recycled material can provide more than 40% of the global need. Better organized and scientific waste management will create huge job market , reduce GHG emission and landfills, and create sustainable safe future.

The holistic approach and participation needed to move forward by Government with Entrepreneurs and fellow citizen of nation.

Various Technological driven solution :

  • Waste To Energy [WtE] Plant
  • Plastic Waste to Fuel
  • Pre & Co-processing for Zero waste
  • Green Chemistry for chemical industries
  • Organic waste processing
  • Technology options for Waste Water Recycle
  1. Rotating bio contactors ( RBC ) / Attached Growth Process
  2. Fluidised Media Reactor ( FMR )
  3.  Membrane Bioreactor ( MBR )
  4.  Sequential Batch Reactors ( SBR)


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