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We know that one can get two type of education namely academic and professional. Mostly there is a provision of  practical training  as a part of their course, in every professional course in the form of projects &  internships. It helps them to provide exposure and insight into  how business works through hands on job. Internships is one where one spends some time in various departments of  an organization. But mostly in academic education,  students hardly able to get training as a part of their course.

The v-skills tries to fill this gap. Its  certifications in various subjects help the students in understanding subject maters as per the industry requirement through its curriculum & trained them so that they may ready for the job. These certifications are based on giving industry exposure so that they get early entry in the relative industry. Its curriculum is an interface with industry which impart employment-oriented skills  with government certifications and universally accepted by the industries. Thus it tries to fill the gap between Industry and Academia. At last but not least the v-skills certifications helps in decreasing unemployment by making unskilled to skill.

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