Internationalization and Globalization of Higher Education in India

Internationalization and Globalization of Higher Education in India


Globalization and Internationalization are way of  branding to Invest, Prosper and Lead in the World Education

The  globalization  of  higher  education  has  been  a  phenomenon  since  the  colonial  period. It has led to better social and political understanding, an integration of different cultures, a sharing and experiencing an information, ideas, philosophies across the globe and a growth of economy.

Both globalization and internationalization brings the dynamic changes to an education system in terms of attracting foreign students, bringing revenue, branding the institution and framing an iconic image at world levels. The presence of students from different global cultures and environments helps both students and faculty in domestic institutions to gain from the experience. It fosters to bring the cultural harmonies between the countries and broaden the intellectual level among the students.

But Internationalization is process of creating India as a destination best choice, therefore in order to make it happen, India must now focus on tapping its potential for internationalization in education policies. Internationalization is an essential and integral part of transformation in education system. As International student mobility has been the main driver of internationalization of higher education which clearly emphasis the need of internationalization. Currently data indicates India ranks Second in International Mobile student worldwide, 4.7% of total number of students. But at same time, India’s gross outbound enrollment ratio is quite low to world standards.

Although Most of foreign students in India are from the developing countries of Asia and Africa. Nearly 70 per cent of the foreign students come for professional courses, especially health education, which accounts 35%.

Higher education in India needs a comprehensive internationalization strategy both at the national level as well as at the institutional level. At present India is seen as a net importer of education services. Pattern needs to be change through mobilizing the educational resources and services both globally and internationally  for utilizing better advantage in context to increase access, enhance quality and encourage diversity.

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