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Hey, you there !?  Yeah, so are you looking for a career option that is not something conventional but different, exciting and something that would also satisfy the inner talented Hero in you…SO, great, chuck the old boring conventional options you have been running after! And have a look at the list of some new unique career options that might just click with you, what say !? 😀

  1. Tattoo Artist – Are you the kind of person who doodles on pages and for that matter even on your friend’s hands, because you love doing it. And then you have a bunch of friends who have fallen in love with the tattooist in you..then, why not give this a serious thought! Yes, go take apprenticeship for a year or two under a trained tattoo artist..and there you will be, all ready to open your own studio. And the number of people going for getting inked today is amazing! Once, you are recognized, take out your design magazines and train other people as well. And then enjoy your work! P.s- You can also do another work side by side.

2.  Personal shopper and gift buyer – Surprised?? Shopping can be a job ? The girls especially would love it! Yes, won’t that be fantastic if you’re paid for shopping? Well, this is a new rage. Richie rich people who are short of time are now hiring people who can style their look and shop for them. For instance, many a times, last minute events come up and there’s no time for them to go shop for themselves..that’s where you can fit in. Shop for them, style their look! The best part is you don’t feel like it’s work at all,because as they say, shopping is always fun! 😀


And if you’re into gift giving and know how to add that special touch to every present, then again this job is for people like you. Sit down with the client, ask them a bit about the recipient and then choose the perfect gift and make your own home made cards to tailor fit that person. Trust me, this is one amazing job if you have the knack to do special things.

3. Application Developer – This one’s for the tech freaks who have that never ending love for apps, gaming, gadgets and more. Are you the kind who has an idea to turn almost all possible facets of life into a potential mobile application…perfect! A degree in computer science or software engineering is a good foundation and to add to it, going for a specialized course to know different aspects of development will make your case better. So, all you need is a good skill set, familiarity with a range of programmes, user interface deisgn and you have a way to go! And yes some business knowledge is always helpful, for how are you going manage your money once your app becomes a success story!

4. You Tuber – So, you’re into video blogging and have a great social circle too..great! Because the good news is that video blogging is turning into a huge money making career option. All you need is a cause, a strong screen presence, and a great idea to get followers. Then get a camera and make a video, make it go viral on the internet and see how soon you will be a famous person with millions of followers. Now comes the money part, so yes, you can sell targeted advertising and paid reviews and promotions to your audience! You tube for example offers revenue share on their advertisements. You will then be in the league of Superwoman who makes people laugh with her comic videos.

5. Cake maker – You love baking and your friends and relatives love your home made cakes..is that so? Cool, so become a professional cake maker and bake and design customized cakes for people! Build your own network of buyers and then let your sweet juices flow 😛 You can open your own cake and pastry store over a period of time and also make it as your full fledged career option by getting into contact with party organizers.

6. Pet groomers – You love animals and know how to deal with them, then this is a great and unique career option that is now on the rise. People today are finding it difficult to manage their pet’s hygiene and appearance, mostly that of cats and dogs but also of rabbits and horses. Grooming and maintaining the health and well being of the pets is all you would have to do. Bizzare as it may sound to others, but if you have that love for animals, then why not? Getting paid for what you love doing,  makes for an interesting job, right?

So, today there are just too many diverse and unique career options available..all you need is, to follow your heart and find that one career option which makes your work life interesting and something you look forward to each day!  😀

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