Trending Social Media Apps

Trending Social Media Apps

Trending Social Media Apps


‘Social Media Apps’!
Does this word ring a bell in your ears? Indeed, it does. A 21st century teen cannot envisage his/her life without spending some hours of the day using these social apps. In fact, these apps not only help in chatting or sharing pictures, they also encourage digital marketing, maintaining relations with clients, finding right man-power, etc. Facebook, Watsapp & Twitter are most used social apps. They are the lifelines of the Internet Age. They also promote citizen journalism; they make people aware of the happenings around them.

But, isn’t facebook & watsapp too clichéd? Posting pictures on facebook or chatting on watsapp sounds too mainstream now, isn’t it? To retain the cool tag, teens try to do stuff that is new and innovative. This gives scope to new social media apps to hit the market and gain popularity. Trendy, Innovative and Quirky apps are hitting the internet and making teens go crazy about them.

Purchased by Facebook due to its sheer popularity, Instagram has taken over a huge market share. It is basically a photo/video sharing app which enables the user to share the links instantly on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. One can follow friends or celebrities and get to see all the photos and videos posted by them. One can customize and personalize the pictures. Instagram offers an array of custom effects. It is the most trending app after twitter & watsapp.

Tumblr is another trending app which is a micro-blogging app. It is owned by Yahoo.Inc. It has a dashboard user interface. User can follow people here just like instagram and view the blogs posted by them. Tumblr allows user to post short blogs, pictures, videos & quotes. Since it has a dashboard interface, the stuff posted by other uses appear on the dashboard feed where the user can repost, comment or like the posts.

Vine is a six second, loop video sharing app. It was acquired by Twitter in 2012 before its launch. Vine helps the user create videos by pressing the screen or by importing videos from the phone. It is more like telling story through a loop of videos. One can use trending tags on the video which categorizes the videos. Vine tool kit helps edit the videos the way one wants it to be. User can follow other users to view their vines and follow popular channels to view trending vines. The loop count feature helps the user know how many times the vine has been viewed.


Snapchat is a quirky kind of app which enables users to share photos in loop which seems like a video and exchange messages. The unique feature of the app is that the messages or ‘Snaps’, as the loop of pictures are called, disappear after a fixed time. The users can also share live videos with each other. This app makes texting and sharing risk-free because the snaps disappear after sometime and are also given more attention to. The posts on Snapchat are called Stories. Happy Snapping!

Burn Note
How about a secret messaging app? Yes, Burn Note burns the notes. It is a self-destruct app that deletes the messages exchanged after a set time. It is a text only app and once the sent message is viewed, the countdown begins and deletes the sent message from both sides. It’s another unique feature is that it can be sent to non-registered users as well. It can be used as a link that can be sent via emails or texts. It also prevents screenshots or any kind of message retaining. Hence, it is the most secretive messaging app.

These unique, trending apps are all set to capture a teen’s attention in the coming times. Happy Socializing!

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