Travel books vs Actual travelling

Travel books vs Actual travelling

While books are the set of written and printed ideas and experiences of some different person or people, traveling is a self-experience. In other words through books one can see the world through someone else’s eyes and get an insight about their perspectives while through travelling one can experience that world through one’s own eyes.

We have always heard that a book is a man’s best friend. A friend who is always there for you no matter what your mood or condition is. Travelling on the other hand gives you the opportunity to make many real friends from different corners of the world, with different cultures, Backgrounds, appearances. It gives you a chances with people with different moods, thought processes, ideas expressions and emotions. Friends whom you can love and who can love you back. Books are based on the ideas, thoughts, incidents and experience of a particular person. Other than imparting knowledge, books help in motivating ourselves but it is just like being motivated by something that is virtual. You can be motivated up to a certain extent, but when you actually experience it all in real, it is only then that you realize the importance of different things .Reading about poverty is a different thing than actually travelling to the poor countries and seeing it for yourself. Studying about global warming is different than actually going to Antarctica and experiencing it. Travelling inspires and makes us more cautious and sensitive to what is actually going around the world. You cannot read about entrepreneurship and become successful unless you have actually travelled and seen how these big players function around the world .

Books are made to share the story of an incidence through which you can learn about the experiences of a person. But it will not help gain the ‘Real Experience’.

Another interesting thing about travelling is that it can be enjoyed by everyone and not just literate and book lovers.What a book can’t do, travelling cannot.  You can read about the speed and length about the fastest roller coaster in the world but you can never truly experience that unless you actually go to Dubai and sit on it.  During traveling you don’t get knowledge of a particular thing but also get the real experience.

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