Transition on supply chain into new era


Recent business environment is leading to complexity of supply chain due to customization. Growth rates (volume of units and complexity) have placed a significant amount of pressure on the supply chain to rapidly and efficiently match demand & supply. It is imperative for management to have access to real-time inventory visibility throughout the supply chain. The world is looking towards the smart and digital environment in every part of organization i.e. digital supply chain process of transferring digital content from the content provider to the end consumer online and in a suitable format.

For digital technology to create significant improvement in business outcomes a new perspective is needed: reinventing your supply chain strategy ( i.e. transition of supply chain into digital supply chain)  and re-imagining your supply chain as a digital supply network (DSN) that unites not just physical flows but also talent, information and finance. This new breed of supply chain is more connected, intelligent, scalable, and rapid than traditional supply chain management.

Companies often struggle to scale their supply chains up or down as circumstances require. However, smooth scalability becomes more attainable when a supply chain has been imbued with high levels of (digitally enabled) connectivity and intelligence. Processes become easier to optimize and duplicate. Errors and anomalies are simpler to spot. Companies are better able to add or reduce partners and suppliers as needed. They also may become more effective at targeting niche markets, segments and customers.

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