Top 10 Hardware and Networking jobs and careers to pursue in 2022

Hardware and Networking is one of the fastest-growing career fields in the IT sector. It is also one of the highest-paying domains of the information technology sector. This domain basically includes the work in computer hardware and networking. Computer hardware is the collection of all the physical components or parts that makes the computer system. Some of these components include a monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk, etc. Whereas, networking is somewhat different from hardware systems since it is related to computer software and allows computers to exchange data or information.

With advancements in technologies, data can now be exchanged either using cables media or wireless media. The hardware and networking professionals haggle with various hardware and software components such as chips, computer systems, motherboard, processor, RAM, circuit boards, modems, external hard disks, printers, and keyboards. So, in order to be thriving in this field, you must have knowledge of all these components.

Moreover, we’ll discuss the trending and most thriving jobs and careers in hardware and networking. You’ll also get to know the career guidelines to follow for each of the below-mentioned profiles. If you’re a student who is interested to enter the technical world and want to explore various technical career options then you should definitely look at the hardware and networking sector since it’s at the growing stage and will continue to provide you with amazing jobs and growth opportunities.

Now, let’s discuss the Top 10 Hardware and Networking jobs and careers to pursue in 2022!

1. System Engineer

A System engineer leads the engineering, business, and management aspects of a project or a system, and makes certain that all the components work together properly. According to statistics, Systems Engineering is one of the top 50 jobs in the U.S. Moreover, it is predicted that faster-than-average 10-percent growth rate in employment opportunities for System Engineers, by 2026. Therefore, this job holds a bright and potential future for all aspirants.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designs, tests, and assesses software and computer technology.
  • Create a secure and stable system for clients.
  • To maintain network connectivity and keep security measures in place.

Average Salary: $122,180

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2. Design Engineer

A Design engineer is one who studies, researches, and develops visions for new products and the systems used to create them. They also revise existing products or processes to increase efficiency or improve performance. Moreover, these professionals also need to have great communication skills and have decent project management and problem-solving skills. These engineers are in great demand these days and can work all across various fields.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Researching and creating ideas for product development.
  • Work on products and systems that involve adapting.
  • Communicate with the team and assist projects.

Average Salary: $81,905

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3. Systems Integration Engineer

The job of a Systems Integration Engineer is to develop and implement solutions integrating applications across the enterprise. Moreover, to become a system integration engineer you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science. While working, you’ll manage data systems and projects. Moreover, according to a survey the job of System Integration Engineer has acquired a job satisfaction rating of 3.73 out of 5. On average, System Integration Engineers are favorably pleased with their job.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the development and testing of control systems for engines.
  • Using digital electronics and communications.
  • Evaluate and test engine calibrations with software.

Average Salary: $105,574

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4. Project Engineer

Project engineers are the head of all elements of an incident, including planning, budgeting, personnel, and more. They spend the most amount of their time at project sites, securing work is being conducted safely and efficiently. Moreover, you should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering to become a project engineer. From a career perspective, it’s a good time to be a project engineer and it is said that the job of a project engineer is expected to grow by 8% in the year 2024.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Overlook the overall spectrum of estimating, billing, purchasing and personnel.
  • They provide both technical and administrative assistance to project managers.
  • To report directly to the Project Superintendent.

Average Salary: $77,075

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5. Field Service Engineer

A Field Service Engineer is the one who repairs what is broken, especially in electronic installation and scheduling maintenance and malfunctions. These professionals are highly paid and are in demand. Moreover, a field service engineer is required to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in engineering as well as have a preferred work experience in fieldwork. You are expected to have good interpersonal skills, extensive knowledge of hardware, software, and machines to obtain a good position in a reputed company.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To perform everyday field service tasks such as repair, installation, and maintenance.
  • Manage the team, assign tasks, and conduct reports.
  • Maintain customer relationships.

Average Salary: $35 per hour

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6. Linux Administrator

Linux Administrator is the one who manages the operations of a computer system like maintaining, enhancing, creating user accounts/reports. Also, Linux is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s IT business. Moreover, careers in Linux Administration, in particular, are in high demand. The high demand for a Linux administrator also makes it a very competitive job that requires high-end experts. The need for such professionals is increasing gradually with time therefore, it is a good opportunity for all the beginners who are looking for a career in hardware and networking.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing all error logs and fixing them.
  • Providing excellent customer support for Webhosting, ISP, and LAN Customers.
  • Troubleshooting whenever a problem occurs in the server.

Average Salary:

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7. Electronics Design Associate

The main purpose of these professionals is to provide technical support, design, and develop electronic systems. There are a lot of career opportunities as an Electronic Design Associate. They have to collaborate with the design team in developing new design ideas and techniques. The reason for their improved demand is that they work on creating, designing, and developing everyday devices such as mobile phones, portable music devices, and computers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Preparing and designing documentation
  • Engineering specifications according to company standards.
  • Research and develop the latest technologies.
  • Determine design parameters.

Average Salary: $64,307

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8. Network Solutions Architect

The network solution architect holds a good position as a career which is a mixture of technical experience and partial managerial competency. The best part about being a network solution architect is that you can move in a wide range of directions. You can grow as a successful architect of the solutions be highly profitable and become the most sought-after expert in the market.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assessing business and applications requirements.
  • Planning, designing and upgrading network installation projects.
  • Creating, maintaining and modifying an IP network.

Average Salary: $183,500 annually

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9. Network Programmer

A Network Programmer is the one who defines, develop, test, analyze, and maintain software applications in approval of the achievement of business requirements. They write, code, test and analyze software programs and applications. Moreover, these professionals have knowledge of Python. They develop codes to create multiplayer games. Overall, this job has a bright future and much more career opportunities in the near days.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designs and implements the network interface or tools.
  • Help game communicate with each other and with the server.
  • They perform network upgrades and fix network errors at client locations.

Average Salary: $91,631 annually

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10. Network Administrator

Network Administrator is in high demand due to their day-to-day operation of networks. They organize, install, and support computer systems, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems. Due to the wide use of computers in every sector organizations require highly skilled professionals who can solve problems efficiently and quickly.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Planning, developing, installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all network hardware, software, and communication links.

Average Salary: $88,410

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