Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Online Certifications and Courses for 2022

Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Online Certifications and Courses for 2022

It is quite evident that in today’s world, we store vast quantities of data on our computers and other internet-connected devices, so is the need to protect sensitive data from fraudsters. Here, comes the importance of Cybersecurity as it protects all data categories from theft and damage. This contains sensitive data, PII, PHI, personal information, data, intellectual property, and governmental and business information systems. Cybersecurity as a profession is therefore in great demand today, so, if you are somebody who wants to build a career in Cybersecurity then simply follow us till the end of the blog as here you’ll get to find the Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Online Certifications and Courses for 2022. Let’s begin with knowing the roles, responsibilities, and required skills of a cybersecurity specialist.


As a Cybersecurity specialist, one is required to-

  • Create security audits across computer hardware
  • Implement security audits across software systems
  • Preventing attacks  
  • Ensure that the systems perform adequately

Recommended skills

To begin with, let’s discuss the basic skills that are required to achieve excellence in Cybersecurity. These are-

  • Problem-solving ability
  • Basic understanding of hacking
  • Fundamental knowledge of security across several platforms
  • Detail-orientation
  • Technical knowledge
  • Basic Computer Forensics Skills

Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Online Certifications and Courses for 2022

Choosing a certification course that suits you best is a tiring job as there are various online platforms offering numerous courses to fulfill your needs. Therefore, here we are to help you out by discussing the Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Online Certifications and Courses for 2022 that would give you an idea about which course you should go for. So, without any further waste of time let’s look at what we are here for-

1. Certified Cyber Security Analyst Course by Vskills

This certification course covers the basic concepts of cybersecurity. It not only provides knowledge of the fundamentals of cyber security and forensics but also covers different areas such as cybercrime, cyber offenses, IT Act 2000, wireless devices cybercrime, keyloggers, backdoors, phishing, computer and wireless forensics, privacy, and many more. So, if you wish to gain basic to advanced level knowledge of Cybersecurity then this course is just for you. Following are some important details and the course outline that you should know before enrolling in this course.


Course Details

  • Study material- Hard copy available
  • Learning access- Lifelong
  • Validity of certificate- Lifetime
  • Learning hours- 18 hrs

Course Outline

  • Cyber Technology
  • Cyber Ethics
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Prevention and Protection
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Cyber Law

Apply for the course

2. Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks by Coursera

This is an 8-course Professional certification program that provides you with the technical skills that you require to become job-ready for a Cybersecurity Analyst role. It includes instructional content and labs that introduce various concepts such as network security, incident response, threat intelligence, endpoint protection, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing. So, this course is a good option for candidates willing to start their careers in cyber-security. Moreover, keep note of the following important details before applying for the program.


Course Details

  • Level- Beginner
  • Subtitles: English, Arabic, Italian, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, German, Korean
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Duration- 8 months(at a pace of 4hrs/week)

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks
  • A brief overview of types of actors and their motives
  • An overview of key security concepts
  • An overview of key security tools

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3. The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! by Udemy

This course very well explains the basics of cyber-security. It describes the threat and vulnerability landscape via threat modeling and risk assessments. Here, you get to the Darknet and mindset of cyber-criminals, the global tracking and hacking infrastructures run by nation-states, and much more. So, you may appear for this program considering the flexible schedules and other important details given below.


Course Details

  • Certification validity- Lifetime
  • 1 article and 1 downloadable resource
  • Accessible on- TV and mobile
  • Learning hours- 12 hrs

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Threat and Vulnerability Landscape
  • The Current Threat and Vulnerability Landscape
  • Encryption crash course
  • Setting up testing environment using virtual machines
  • Operating system security and privacy
  • Security bugs and vulnerabilities
  • Reducing threat priviledge
  • Social engineering and social media offence and defence
  • Security domains
  • Security though isolation and compartmentalization
  • Conclusion

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4. MicroBachelors® Program in Cybersecurity Fundamentals by

This course by edX enables you to apply a security mindset while remaining ethical, implement principles of security design and reference monitors, describe the basic concepts of access control, apply commonly used security policies, analyze the security of a basic security system, and much more. If this is what you are searching for in the course then straightaway enroll for this program and it’ll benefit you highly. However, go through the following details and course outline, first of all, to be aware of the prerequisites and other information.


Course Details

  • Self-paced course
  • Learning duration- 1 year(at a pace of 8-10hrs/week)
  • 6 Academic Credits
  • Fees- ₹100,039

Course Outline

  1. Information Security – Introduction to Information Security
  2. Information Security – Authentication and Access Control
  3. Information Security – Advanced topics
  4. Network Security – Introduction to Network Security
  5. Network Security – Protocols
  6. Network Security – Advanced Topics
  7. Penetration Testing – Discovering Vulnerabilities
  8. Penetration Testing – Exploitation
  9. Penetration Testing – Post Exploitation

Apply for this course

5. Understanding Cyber Security by Cloud Academy

This program focuses on introducing some of the core themes of cyber security. It is a brief course that helps you understand what cybersecurity is all about. It includes two software simulations that show how to install a hypervisor so that a Kali Linux virtual machine can be run. So, if you are someone who wants to get a gist of the topic then you can go for this short course. Some important details of this course are as follows-

Course Details

  • Learning duration- 20min
  • Level- Beginner
  • Rating- 4.8

Topics covered

  • Cyber Security  
  • Prevent, Detect, Respond 
  • The CIA Triad  
  • ISMS: Information Security Management Systems 
  • Threat Actors  
  • The Cyber-Kill Chain  
  • Attack Surfaces 
  • Installing Virtualbox 
  • Installing Kali Linux 

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6. Stanford’s Advanced Cybersecurity Program by Great Learning

This course on cyber security will navigate you through the basics and necessary skills required to build a successful career in Cyber Security. Besides, knowing the security objectives basics like integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, and authentication one also gets to exploit the vulnerabilities. Moreover, you’ll learn about the primary security breaches that have occurred over the years and create countermeasures for the same.

Great Learning logo

Course Details

  • 12 Quizzes
  • Hands-on projects
  • Downloadable e-book
  • Shareable certificate

Course Outline

  • Foundations for Information Security
  • Exploiting and Protecting Web Applications
  • Using Cryptography Correctly
  • Network Security
  • Emerging Threats and Defenses
  • Writing Secure Code

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7. Online Course on Cyber Security Tools by NIELIT

This is a 5 days course that allows its participants to understand the significance of cyber security as well as the tools used for ensuring cyber security in an organization. Thus, after completing this course, you’ll find yourself ramped up in terms of knowledge gained and career growth. So, if this is what you are looking for then this course is definitely a good option for you to choose.


Course Details

  • Fee- ₹2000
  • Learning hours- 5days(hrs/day)
  • Certificate of completion

Course modules

  • Introduction to virtualization and Linux Commands
  • Cyber Security Tools- Network Protocol analyser tools
  • Cyber Security Tools- Network Security tools
  • Cyber Security Tools- Web Security tools
  • Cyber Security Tools- Vulnerability Scanning tools

Apply for the course

8. Introduction to Cyber Security Course for Cyber Security Beginners by Simplilearn

This is an introductory-level course on Cyber Security that provides you with a comprehensive overview of the principles and concepts of cybersecurity and helps you learn the challenges of designing a security program. Alongside, it helps you in developing and managing an Information Security Program, performing a business impact analysis, and carrying out disaster recovery testing. Some other important details of the course are mentioned below.


Course Details

  • Prerequisites- None
  • Industry examples and case studies
  • Accessible- Lifelong

Course Modules

  • Lesson 1 – Course Introduction
  • Lesson 2 – Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Lesson 3 – Enterprise Architecture and Components
  • Lesson 4 – Information System Governance and Risk Assessment
  • Lesson 5 – Incident Management

Apply for the course

9. Introduction to Cyber Security by Future Learn

This course will help you recognize online security threats that can be harmful and help you explore the steps that should be taken to minimize your risk. It improves your online safety in the wider world by introducing concepts such as malware, network security, trojan virus, identity theft, cryptography, and risk management. Following are some other important details that you should keep in mind before applying for the course.

Future Learn

Course Details

  • Learning duration- 8 weeks
  • Self-paced
  • Fee- $15.83/month

Course units

  • Threat landscape
  • Authentication
  • Malware
  • Networking and communications
  • Cryptography
  • Network security
  • When your defences fail
  • Managing security risks

Apply for the course

10. Cybersecurity and CISSP by Cyber Degrees

Kennesaw State University provides this introductory course on cybersecurity as well as the components of the CISSP. This course is beneficial for both students and working professionals alike. Materials address the core principles of IT security. So, whether you are a student with an interest in cybersecurity or a working professional aspiring to a better job role, this course will help you attain that as it’ll boost your CV and will help stand out in the crowd.

Cyber Degrees

Course Details

  • Provider- Kennesaw State University
  • Instructor- TBD
  • Duration- TBD

Course Outline

  • Governance and risk management
  • Compliance
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Cryptography
  • Software development security
  • Access control
  • Network security
  • Security architecture
  • Security operations
  • Physical and environmental security

Apply for the course

So, we have discussed almost all the best online sources that provide certification courses on Cybersecurity. This blog would have hopefully helped you choose the best course for yourself. So, don’t wait and get yourself enrolled in any of the courses to boost your skills and achieve greater heights professionally.


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