Tips to improve web design


Now let us look at some quick simple tips upon improving your web design:

1. Use a well designed logo that meshes well with your site’s visual metaphor.
2. Make use of smart navigation throughout the site.
(This has been discussed in more details in my previous posts)
3. Make use of fonts that are not difficult to read, and have a good readability.
4. Do not dump information on the site.
Always make sure the information in your site is well placed within its layout and also that it does not consist of unnecessary information which will spoil user experience.
5. Use fonts which are parsed across different platforms, since you could have certain fonts which are not interpreted by certain browsers ,this could ruin the text representation.
6. Use colors that compliment and “go well” with one another.
Refer to my post on color palette for more information.
7. Test drive your site before delivering it to the world.

By using these techniques you can design a site which is friendly to the eye and also give a pleasing experience to the user.

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