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Child Labour , also referred to as ‘Bal Majduri’ in India is a sin prevalent in our country since ages. Needless to mention , it’s a situation where destitute children are strained to make fast buck by working and are deprived of their basic rights- Live, Learn And Play.

In each child, there lies a blend of instinct & an urge to follow his/her sweven so that they can be what they want to be. On one side, affluent children are living a life of leisure, happiness and autarchy where their view of the world is exquisite. Yet, they’ve got to see the brightest side of the wicked world. Viewing the other side, Life is full of hardships, where the life of millions of children still revolves around dwelling in stinky slums, indulged in intensive labour, struggling to earn and are even beaten up if they disagree such miserable life. Adding to it, children are even forced to beg outside temples, tea shops, traffic signals, etc. Children are doing things that were never meant for them. Children cleaning streets, sweeping railway stations, working in factories, toiling at construction sites; children working as servants, begging, serving at hotels, washing clothes, selling tea. This list is endless and it is extremely brutal.

Misery, Abjection and Gloom are the ingredients of their life. While everyone is in deep slumber, these children are up in the mornings, cleaning up the mess. It’s going to get much worse each day with traumatised children. Not given a chance to make their voice heard, beaten up at work, living in miserable situation, they need to be paid their due. The acumen lies in the poor cause of them not being given a chance to lead to life of their own willing. Their life lies in the hands of the people they work for and hence, their own wishes and dreams are buried deep inside. .When children are employed, they are exploited and abused. It affects their heath as well as overall development since they are deprived of their education and recreation.

To conclude with a broader thought on our myriad Child Labour Programmes and schemes that have been in place for decades and suffer from endemic corruption and poor implementation. Yet, Business as usual continues.

How long will the children suffer whose only erratum is being belonging to an impoverished family?

Spare a thought for such children working around us, with a spark in their eyes to live, learn and play and take a requisite action at your level to their rescue and rehabilitation. Now is the time to look at this harsh reality of our society, to not avoid the truth and to take action. Be a responsible citizen and pledge not to employ child labour. Make a decision to bring happiness in their lives now, and enjoy the privilege of watching them live joyously. HELPING ONE CHILD WON’T CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT FOR THAT ONE CHILD, WORLD WILL CHANGE FOREVER.

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