Three policies that HR must follow for happy employees

Policies of HR

Human resources is something very necessary for a firm, and also inimitable. In other words, employees are an integral part of the firm. It is very necessary to keep the drudges satisfied and happy, so that they stick to the firm and also don’t shirk work! It is always good for the company if the workers work for a long time, and not for a short term. So that a comparatively lesser money is spent on training the new employees every other month, and also the reliability factor. So, the HR department of the company takes care of this factor, that employees are happy with the work environment provided by their company, and the employees are able to give their hundred percent!

For this purpose, this department frames some policies which are for the employees, some obviously to attract the employees and some to maintain the discipline within the working area. Both are equally necessary, having equal importance.

I would discuss some of the policies that will help us better understand the things.

  1. It is very necessary that companies give the employee a feel that Yes, while working there they are able to retain their identity and they see their own growth with that of the firm. Some companies conduct internal surveys to have a glance of what actually the employees think of working within the place and the people. It is very essential that the workers feel safe and secure in the environment.
  2. Employees expect that in the firm which they are working should not run its processes in disguise, rather the management processes should be transparent. The policies, initiatives regarding sales, marketing or any step, which the company takes, should be discussed with every single employee and they should be asked for their ideas for the same as well. This inculcates the feeling of belongingness for the firm, and this shall help in the growth of the firm in the long run.
  3. HR has such provision of giving a pat on the back when the employees perform a good job, it is Performance Based Incentives, sometimes also called Variable compensation. These incentives are also very necessary and play a very crucial, but indirect role in the growth of the firm. Because, when the employees will get the appropriate and timely rewards, they will be obviously more encouraged to work even harder. These incentives can be in the form of a salary hike or promotions given to the employees, certainly after evaluating the yearly performance of the workers. Some companies encourage the deserving candidates by giving the certificates or something of this sort, as a reward of outstanding performance. This not only boosts the moral of the employees who performed well but also inspires other workers to perform equally good for the company.

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