The triumph of humanity

The triumph of humanity


In this world of anguish and fear, when dreams have lost their hope to reality. There was a girl of 9 in the village of pehsr in the mountain beds of Iran, she dreamed all the time, her life was like a dream within a dream. However, one night when she awake she saw the rebellious fundamentalist group Edges-One invading their village, suddenly everyone in the village started screaming and running, but it was all in vain as within a few hours they were all slain to their death.

But sahafi another girl from the village somehow survived and she ran towards the forest, she got shelter under the roots of a huge tree, that forest was a like a book never opened, sahafi after sleeping there for 2 days found herself in a dangerous situation!, she was hungry!, she went out and started looking for food. She saw a glowing piece of stone in a hole and then she moved towards it , she ultimately got hold over it but felt something in her neck, it was the axe of those three midgets protecting over that diamond which was their life support system.

She was in a no man’s land but midget’s land, she begged for her life and they didn’t harm sahafi but rather did friendship with her. In this world of anarchy where one human being is killing the other for god knows what!!?, midgets are better friend. Sahafi told them all that happened to her and her loved ones and how she wanted to save other villages from Edges-One, soon after a few months of training, sahafi’s chi-flow developed and no doubt she was their new leader with a hundreds of midgets ready to fight on her side. The Edges-One was ready to invade the next village but was shocked by the sudden attack of the midget republican army and they were baffled for a few minutes and then hour as they were retreating but general khumra-rooh of Edges-One never did came to battle without backup, so it was heavy for the republican army as they were loosing men, there was only one way to defeat the Edges-One at once it was by taking their life spirit away from them and the only way to do that was by dropping few drops of Edges-One soldier blood to that diamond, sahafi finally got more than drops of blood but it was not the only case as to take away the life spirit the diamond with human blood on top of it has to be crushed which ultimately kill all the midget population.

The midget leader vednikram with a referendum decided to sacrifice the midget population for the sake of human beings. That powerful kohinoor diamond was crushed and The Edges-One disappeared and the midgets too. She woke up from her sleep next day in her house and in her bed because it was nothing but a dream within a dream. Her mother called, ” sahafi wake up you are late for school!!”.

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