Music- Cologne of Life


Music makes a difference.

What is it about music? What is that power that music has over us , the power to enrapture us and take us through various troughs and crests of emotions ? Whatever it be, there’s no denying that MUSIC IS A POWERFUL TOOL. It is something that connects two otherwise different human beings.

If there’s something to be changed in this World , it can only happen through Music.


For someone like me, who had always been hooked onto typical Bollywood numbers , it had been little tough to improve my taste in music and actually adore the great scene in the world.

I realised that there’s definitely more to music than just Bollywood tracks  , I had been listening since childhood . Music enabled me to discover and explore different albums across the world , different genres  and most importantly , it provides me with a perfect song for a mood ( ecstatic , chilled out , heartbroken , romantic , etc. ) . To break all the barriers as one can  make their  own playlist, Be the boss and live life and enjoy every moment with Music.

Needless to say, Music cannot be overstated in anyway. Music in itself has a revolutionary potential that extends across mere language.

The power of Music yet remains only half realised. It can push us to think and delve us into deep thinking and make us forget all the cares of the world and enjoy the moment. Language, barriers and other cogent things can hardly prevent it from resounding in every nook and corner of world.

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