the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!!!

the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!!!

We all are well versed with the story of the chicken little, the one, shrieking out loudly airing everyone in the neighbourhood that the sky is falling, if any uncertain contingency would arise the entire neighbourhood would come to know
the premise behind the narration of this story is very blatant that there is a chicken little in each and everyone one of us which somehow always restrains us to pursue our ambition full fledgedly.
for instance. if you come up with a business idea, the highest probability that the first person with whom you would be discussing about the stuff would be your friends, but to your dismay , one of your friends would tell you that this ideas will not make the cut , even though he himself has no clue of it, the other would say that if it was so easy, then everyone would have tried this, some would say-” this is not your cup of tea”, the other would out rightly state that – bro leave this idea this idea, think of something else’.
and to add to the flames, would be your neighborhood, your siblings, and sometimes even your own parents, but you know these chicken little’s are simply another roadblock that you need to cross, but some people just give into the suggestion, disheartenedly drop the idea, and so we become another chicken little
instead of resisting from the natural inclination of surrendering to the issue we should show some mettle and try to shed such remarks which seems to devour our ambitions
instead of sharing your thoughts with someone who is bereft of the knowledge to comprehend your ideas, look for someone who has actually excelled in your field, a man of great experience
they would judge whether it is feasible to actually implement those strategies or to completely do away with it
I believe you should never suppress your ideas on the grounds of advice from your friends and relatives, if you actually do this, then you are just being one of them ,stop following the herd mentality and resonating with the crowd .
if everyone was good at giving advice, having complete knowledge about everything you seemed to conversate with them , then we would have millions of entrepreneurs ,

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