Recently the new media has acquired a special place in the digital world. Many social networking sites have emerged for the audience to make their experience more interactive and convenient. Some of them may include Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Linked In etc. These are user friendly sites that can easily be learnt to handle. It not only compresses the distance between people but also creates a space for synergy and reciprocity among them.
With the help of blogs the trend of citizen journalism has become apparent. Not only hard core journalists but also ordinary citizens are engaging with the news making process. Usually people pin in their opinion and concerns on a blog or some other social networking site which can be viewed by a selective proportion of audience. It is open for feedback and hence it helps us to know the opinion of each and every individual who is willing to scribe their views on some issue or topic.

Many new software and applications are available on the web with the help of which one can edit and manage their articles or blogs. These are highly facile and encourage interplay among individuals. The main feature of the new media is that it has allows the widest range possible. The information disseminated reaches anyone and everyone active on these sites.
But the flip part of the coin is that it does have some negative effects. The rising new media has changed the codes of ethical journalism. The information circulated on the web is sometimes manipulated.

How much effort does one put to double-check the story uploaded?
The web is loaded with fake stories and gossip. How can one keep their tap off these stories? There is more of quantity than quality.
Lets just say every coin has two aspects. Though the new media has changed our very own cyber experience and crammed us with new information it has also pointed out the death of professional and in depth journalism.

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